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    ur welcome

    ur welcome
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    Benz VS Aum P

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    Your Favorite Nadech & Yaya Lakorn?

    For me i say that it is Duang Jai Akkanee cause in Game Rai it is too much in that one i am only cheering for pope and mint n
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    Pancake Khemanit (FASHIONREVIEW vol. 31 no. 352 August 2012)

    Nice! I like the last picture the most! :drools:
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    Who is your favorite actress right now????

    Mint Chalida and Yaya U. :woot: :dance3:
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    I am IDK! (:

    I am IDK! (:
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    which thai actor would you marry?????

    I would marry P'Mark!v Love him