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  1. yangcuiv

    Happy Birthday To P'num sornram !

    Happy Birthday P'num ! In this special day , wish you both much health,love, luck, happiness, dreams, smiles,fun, hugs and success in whatever you need! may the year bring all the best things you are looking forward to!
  2. yangcuiv

    Sornram & Kal , gossip or not ?

    They just work together during US concert , the news talks about them ,what occur ??? Who can read Thai, please confirm it . source:;newsid=12966;newsid=13014
  3. yangcuiv

    What happened to Sornram ? Why he is in hospital again?

    OH.. :( ....he looks painful .soooo sad :lmao: what happened? why he gets hurt again, for what ? who knows Thai , please translate it ,thanks . ผู้สื่อข่าวรายงานวันนี้ (28 �.พ.) ว่า เมื่อเวลา 01.30...
  4. yangcuiv

    Sornram accident case has sentenced

    Sornram gets suspended jail term Popular actor Sornram Theppitak Tuesday got a suspended jail term for killing a woman in a road accident in June. The court sentenced Sornram to one year and six months in jail and ordered him to pay a fine of Bt10,000 for reckless driving that killed Pitploen...
  5. yangcuiv

    How about Sornram's case now? has it been sentenced?

    I'm his big fans, very want to know how about his accident case now. If it has sentenced and the result come out ? he is ok? I worry about it ,if anyone know please tell me And I also find his latest news about this thing,but I don't...