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  1. Azlisakhmer

    Two Dove dubbed Boys Over Flower

    I'm so excited they finally began dubbing again and they dubbed Boys Over Flower I like the original korean voice and subs but still had to buy my own copy now the only korean series I'm waiting for them 2 dubb is Your Beautiful. P.S. they dubbed IRIS too! All the guys are so hot!!!
  2. Azlisakhmer

    G.I. Joe

    Saw the trailer and it looks awesome. With ninjas and robots.
  3. Azlisakhmer

    Question looking for old lakorn

    The lakorn is starring PJJ wife and white guy?
  4. Azlisakhmer

    Question about a lakorn

    Ok blue dvd just came out with that lakorn and I'm waiting for ntry to come out with it but can someone give me the storyline?
  5. Azlisakhmer

    Mayura Store in Long Beach

    I've always been ntry fan and don't really care much for mayura anymore because they don't care for there work with the background music, cutting scenes, and taking forever releasing their lakorn. Haha I walked in to mayura yesterday and they were making so much business selling ntry and the...
  6. Azlisakhmer

    How do i fix the firefox to work for sw

    Can someone tell me step by step how to make it from going says virus
  7. Azlisakhmer

    Go Lakers!!!

    big fan of the lakers jus saying they're playing good at they're home turf hope they play good at boston
  8. Azlisakhmer

    What nationality are you?

    Thai khmer Lao Japanese Chinese Korean other...
  9. Azlisakhmer

    Chronical of Naria 2

    Who going to see it? love the books I'm glad they are making a movie of the books.
  10. Azlisakhmer

    Iron Man

    I think this gonna be good comes out tomorrow tell me how it is. I'm not gonna watch it til next week
  11. Azlisakhmer


    awesome movie actually a good movie to see at the theatre this year
  12. Azlisakhmer

  13. Azlisakhmer

    America Best Dance Crew

    Nobody watching I wait every Thursday to watch. My 2 favorite crew is JabbaWockeeZ and Kaba Modern not cuz there asian either they actually got mad skills
  14. Azlisakhmer

    Selling Rai Rissaya

    Okay I'm selling Rai Rissaya I have 2 copies and both 4 sell but jus to let u know the quality its not that good because something was wrong with the master disc i bought from the mayura store so all the copies are like this that is what they say but its original mayura dvds the copies was open...
  15. Azlisakhmer

    Rush Hour 3

    It was hilarious highly recommend u c it
  16. Azlisakhmer

    Getting the right lakorn

    He is playing in really good lakorn lately and he getting 2 be one of my favorite actors. Played w/ Cherry then Khem in Nang barb and now w/ Aum he gonna be a really big star