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  1. meenia

    OMG... James and Mos is finally getting marry

    OMG. my two guys who i grew up with ( more like James was really my first known thai singer i remember.. he was famous back in the 90's with lift, oil, dome, voy, jr, earn, momay..and so on.. ) Mos i knew from lakorns, and met him when he did his tour here in the USA... Kinda feel sad that they...
  2. meenia

    Question on Ruj the Star 4

    I have only seen the whole thing on the star 5 and the star 6 because it's upload at youtube...There are clips on the star 4, but it's not upload in a batch..which it's hard for me to really watch it from the beginning... I have enjoy watching the THE STAR...But i know Ruj must of said it...
  3. meenia

    Npis Lis Tsab

    He sang in the song with Suab Nag: Kob Nag Tshauv Nag Tshav Ntuj.. Here's the link to youtube of their song. I think he's very cute, and usually i don't say that a lot..LOL...But he's very cute and i just love this song they...
  4. meenia

    Rak Song Pop

    Rak Song Pop, does anyone still remember this old lakorn of bee, aump, and tik (the girl). What's the storyline about, and who does bee get..because in the theme tik died and became a ghost. Right?.. well please help with story line..Here's a link to youtube on the theme of this lakorn..If you...
  5. meenia

    Sakao Duean-old lakorn

    Sakao Duean..what does the title mean and i don't remember this one of johnny and kat..i remember the other one where she lost her memories and she stay with johnny but i think johnny was mean to her..but...what is this one it good....i couldn't find nothing on youtube either....Is...
  6. meenia

    Chui Chai

    CREDIT TO: ฉุยฉาย [Chui Chai] Starring จินตหรา สุขพัฒน์, วรุฒ วรธรรม, นุติ เขมะโยธิน, วินัย ไกรบุตร, รัญญา ศิยานนท์, จารุวรรณ ปัญโญภาส anyone remember what this lakorn is about? Is it any good..please tell..thanks.. here's also the youtube preview...
  7. meenia

    Poompuang Dongjan-1999 lakorn

    sorry i was surfing on ebay and this lakorn pop out..i wanted to know if anyone knows anything about this old lakorn of kens...also i can't read thai so anyone can translate that summary for me..thanks....|294%3A30
  8. meenia

    Kat English

    Any news on Kat English? I missed her on screen.
  9. meenia

    Recommend Tokyo Crazy Paradise/ Beauty Pop Manga

    sorry, i thought i did the topic in the manga section...Sorry again... Well, i thought it was really good.......Tokyo Crazy's also completed...i really don't have the patient to wait for the new release just takes forever for me.. but if it's really good i'll take a...
  10. meenia

    any great hmong movie

    okay, i'm not that big of a fan on hmong movies because those that i have seen which is not many... i think they are corny........ and i hated it.. but that was a long time ago... i seen some scene which they are getting better that i will amit to.. but now... i just wanted to know if anyone...
  11. meenia

    If anyone knows about this old boran..

    I don't remember name or who star in it... I have seen this boran a long time ago maby when i was 7 or 8..i can't remember.. I can only remember parts but i'm not clear about it. I have seen many borans in my life time.. or more the recent one when i could finally understand what they are...
  12. meenia

    William from Green Forest in MV with Aom Piyada...

    I download it from Lakornlover who had it up... so credit to Lakornlover for this MV.. it's an old song by the way... Song by Sunita Leetikool Hen Num Tah Chun Mai....that's the title of the song.. which stars Aom and William.. I swear that's william the guy from Green Forest my home... Check...
  13. meenia

    Iryu Team Medical Dragon

    Credit pix to Indokid @D-Addicts Synopsis credit to DramaWiki Ryutaro Asada is enjoying his peaceful life in the countryside, when he is visited by Akira Kato, assistant professor of the Faculty of Cardiac Surgery at Meishin University Medical Hospital. Ryutaro is a genius surgeon who used to...
  14. meenia

    Da Ren Wu ???

    Here's the link to youtube for the preview...of Nicholas Tse's new serie.. I have a question to asked.. Have anyone saw Jason Wu's series the little big man.. I think that was called. Is nicholas tse's series a remake of that...
  15. meenia


    It's old a 2002 release, but i just found this series and I just finish watching it.. It's a police series.. Werid, but i like it even though there weren't much sweet scenes btw Domoto and fukada..until that second to the last part.. It was touching and maybe the only cute part of them.. But the...
  16. meenia

    Choolamoon Woon Ruk

    This lakorn seems to remind me of Tik P's lakorn where he fake that he is the driver when he is the hi-so son...Missed Utt on screen...Very talent actor with a smart him in this lakorn with Bua C. He looks chinese and thai...Can not believe he grew up in USA... :D
  17. meenia

    News on VEE?

    Like to know what is going on with VEE...Love him in Jai Diew with Pok...Does he have new lakorns coming out? or is he filming a lakorn? Like to know what is going on with him...Don't read Thai...Does Vee have an English wedsite? Thank you!!
  18. meenia

    Love Magician

    Credit summary to Actors/Actress: Ming Dao- Du Ya Si Jacky Chu- Fei Nan Du Shao Wei- Lin Er Qi Yu Rong- Zhe Ming Qiao Qiao- Bei Ruo Yi Lin Meng Jin- Qing Kong Xiao Jie - Tong Tong Ke Wei - Mango SYNOPSIS: Xiao Bei to be Qing Kong and tenderly hugged her. Zhe Ming...
  19. meenia

    War of In-Law

    (((( CRedit it to TVBSQuare and Victoria for the summary..)))) War of In-Laws (20 Episodes) * Reviewed by Victoria Main Characters Myolie Wu (Shap-Yat/Tin Lik), Bosco Wong (Ning Mau-Chun/But Lau Ming), Liza Wang (Heitaplap Seuk-Lan Gak Gak), Shek Sau (Ning Fung-Tak), Christine Ng (Lung...