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  1. meenia

    [CH3] Mia Jum Pen (D One TV) : Mai Warit / Pie Rinrada

    Baan Rai Ruen Ruk.... I wrote the post above before i recently seen the lakorn again. I just watch it the other day, and i'm like why i did like this lakorn. Nang'ek is weak. I hope the remake doesn't make the nang'ek as weak as Nan. She was crazy, all she did was misunderstand, cry on her...
  2. meenia

    [ONE31] My Bubble Tea (Viu Original / AIS Play / Bearcave Studio): Nichkhun / Mean Phiravich / Proy Manasaporn

    But is Khunnie going to be 2nd lead.. Oh Well I get to see more of him. hehe. Can't believe this is Khun's first lakorn. HEHE.
  3. meenia

    ❤️[CH3]FakFah kiri Dao (Puajinjong) : Pon nawatch / Sarin inpitar / Namwhan Phulita

    i thought the nang'ek was Mew. LOL. Didn't know it was a different girl. I'll have to wait until it end to see who she ends up with. LOL. Really like Pon. hehe.
  4. meenia

    ❤️[Ch3] Dang Duang Hareuthai (Who & Who) : Tik J/Kim Kimberley

    now i understand why the CG was an issue. It is really bad. They should have just went to the mountain and shoot there with snow and all. It's distracting me from getting into the lakorn when all i can think is, that's so fake. lol. I wish they wouldn't have went with these outfit. Too...
  5. meenia

    ❤️[CH3] Sorn Ngao Ruk (Love Drama Company) God Itthipat / Richie Omrawadee

    This lakorn's too confusing for me. LOL.
  6. meenia

    ❤️[CH7] Wimarn Montra (Dida) : BigM Krittarit/Toon Pimpavee

    guess nang'ek does go with the 1st brother in the boran life and then 2nd brother on the modern life. wish she didn't make that mistake and would have picked the 2nd brother always. then it makes more since for Yui to be jealous of them and her since her husband loves her alot and Yui's...
  7. meenia

    [CH3] Mia Jum Pen (D One TV) : Mai Warit / Pie Rinrada

    I actually like the original so i'm happy they did a remake, i was waiting for one. The new cast looks good so i can't wait. If it's fake marriage, or main couple getting arranged married, then it's my cup of tea. I just don't like it if they start out the lakorn with them already...
  8. meenia

    ❤️[CH3] Kao Waan Hai Nou Bpen Sai Larb : Grate Warintorn/ Kao Supassara

    i agreed too. Grate looks great. I think better than before. LOL.
  9. meenia

    ❤️[CH3] Kao Waan Hai Nou Bpen Sai Larb : Grate Warintorn/ Kao Supassara

    i bet Grate will be hurt when he finds out she's spying on him. Guess this one we will have the girl chasing after the guy which i don't mind sometimes. LOL. Sometimes i feel Kao really know how to say hurtful things to Grate but i guess they don't know each other well enough to understand...
  10. meenia

    ❤️[ONE31] Rerk Sanghan: Sean Jindachote/Camilla Kittavat

    i think the lakorn drags too much. It should have ended long ago since we already know who's the bad guy. At this point the are just running away. As much as i complain i'm still watching it. LOL. The story was easy to follow since i know who was behind it the whole time, it wasn't hard to...
  11. meenia

    ❤️[CH3] Kao Waan Hai Nou Bpen Sai Larb : Grate Warintorn/ Kao Supassara

    i thought it was supposed to be Grate that ask Kao to the the spy, how come it's Au? Now he's asking her to spy on Grate. LOL. I thought from Pete and Mam, Pete forced her to be his spy. LOL. The storyline changed a bit or i must not have remember much from Pete and Mam's lakorn.
  12. meenia

    ❤️[CH3] Kao Waan Hai Nou Bpen Sai Larb : Grate Warintorn/ Kao Supassara

    just saw the ost and came here. The mv reminds me nothing of Pete and Mam's lakorn. LOL. Grate's too gentle in here. LOL. but i did love the storyline so hopefully this one is going to live up to my expectation. I always love Grate's lakorn so i know i will like it.
  13. meenia

    ❤️[ONE31] Rerk Sanghan: Sean Jindachote/Camilla Kittavat

    Mos aged, lol but i am glad to met him in real life a few few few years back. He's so cool. This lakorn isn't too bad but why is it only 50 minutes long. What happen to being 1 hour and a half or more since it only airs two days a week. Let's just say it's interesting enough for me to watch...
  14. meenia

    ❤️[GMMTV]Jaoying Met Sai : Baifern Pimchanok/Dan Worrawech/March Chutavuth

    Agreed, each is after their own agenda. Dan does it because he doesn't want to lose the business, Kot does it for money and Ji is just spoil. Each thinks what they are doing is for the best. I'm actual loving it so far.
  15. meenia

    ❤️[GMMTV]Jaoying Met Sai : Baifern Pimchanok/Dan Worrawech/March Chutavuth

    that March guy reminds me of Paul. LOL. I have only seen 1 episode but seriously Kot wouldn't be in these situation if she didn't want money. but since we know that you can't live without money, you do things. She should have never agreed to raise the daughter but with a nice heart and...
  16. meenia

    [CH3] Likhit Haeng Jan (Arlong Group): Puen Khanin/Namtarn Pichukkana

    saw the ost and went searching for the lakorn. Guess it's coming out soon. I can't wait.
  17. meenia

    ❤️[CH7] Suay Sorn Kom (DaraVDO) : Porshe Saran/Grace Karnklao/Prapye Ramida

    I can't believe i spent weeks/months on this lakorn and there's like 7 minutes for the Main couple to get each other. I'm like, where's the romance. They should have switch out the two brothers long time ago. Grace went out the easy way.. Way too freaken easy for what she did to the whole...
  18. meenia

    ❤️[Amarin34] Samee See Thong (Change2561): Num Sornram / Nus Nussaba / Fluke Krekpon / Katreeya English

    i hate the husbands, i hope the wives ends up divorcing them all. Like the ladies are what they are because of the dame guys. But to be honest out of the 3 guys i hated Num the most. He's such an A$$. The way he acts like he's all perfect but he has so respect for his wife. She's more his...
  19. meenia

    ❤️[CH7] Suay Sorn Kom (DaraVDO) : Porshe Saran/Grace Karnklao/Prapye Ramida

    i complain a lot but here i am every wed and thursday looking forward to the next episode. It's a bit slow and grace is good at her character that just makes you hate her. LOL. if only the nang'ek grows a backbone when it comes to her sister. I mean she's stubborn with Porshe but she goes all...