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  1. KristyS

    Photoshop emergency?!

    Hey everyone :D ! It's me again, asking for a photoshop program lol. Long story short, I need anything you have... Pretty please with a cherry on top :) ? And no, I can't use free trial ones... anymore.
  2. KristyS

    List of Boran Lakrons

    Okay, so I'm looking for a list of boran lakorns to watch. I want ones that have a lot to do with the heavens, or where most of the settings are from the heaven(something like that). It's just that boran lakorns lately have sucked sooo bad.
  3. KristyS

    In search of lakorns to watch

    Well, you know the usual slap/kiss, revenge lakorn. Maybe even ones where it's super romantic between the pr'ek and n'ek. I'd like anything as from back as 1990-2009 lol I really can't think of any good ones at the moment. -Thanks in advance =P
  4. KristyS

    `l i ve l a u gh love`s ARTWORK

    I really loved this picture of Paula so I made a wallpaper. Though on the other hand, Vill's shoot wasn't all that great, so I changed it to my liking. **I guess I'm going to make random artworks until my school starts ^^
  5. KristyS

    Why aren't we as active anymore?!?!

    Well, the first time since I was in Sarnworld was about 2-3 years ago? Not so sure, but I've noticed that we haven't had as many members like we did a year ago... Is it because we keep on spamming and news is so hard to find now?! All the sections in the Thai forum were spammed, I can never find...
  6. KristyS

    Buang Ruk

    Well anyways, I forgot the n'eks name but you guys should know who Im talking about. anyways, I just wanted to know what this lakorn is about :)
  7. KristyS


    yea, im really bored right now and i feel like watching some boran lakorns. any suggestions? it'd be nice if this boran lakorn was in youtube or downloadable from sarnworld. thanks :)
  8. KristyS

    Old Period Dramas

    ok, I'm officially out of good asian dramas to watch. I want to go back and watch some of the old ones, but I feel like watching old period dramas right now. Examples would be: Nang Tard, Nang Barb, Ram Pissawad... and that's pretty much all i can rememebr xD ... Any suggestions would be nice...
  9. KristyS

    [Ch3] Sai See Plerng (Makers Y Group)

    Channel 3 is going to remake this lakorn with Chompoo playing Mew's role and Pat playing the smaller generation pairing with Rome. It's not confirmed though. And I don't know which production. Credit:
  10. KristyS

    Photoshop CS2/3

    Does anyone have CS2/3 that I can download? Please reply! I tired the Adobe website but it's complicated.
  11. KristyS

    What happened to Pol T.?

    Yea... I've been browsing around Youtube for some good old lakorns and bumped into Samee. It was one of my all time fav. childhood lakorn I think... Yea. But what happened to Pol? He's such a cutie and hottie >.< I just realized that... hehe While I'm at it, what's the Samee Gnern Pon like? I'm...
  12. KristyS & WM 11

    I just got a new laptop and well, I have the latest version of WM player set up already, but since I have an Obizgo account, I want to watch movies there. Just right now, it told me that I was missing a WM 11 plugin. I tried downloading it, even installed it, but it's still not working for me...
  13. KristyS

    Einstein's Riddle

    I got found this from Soompi and it took me 20-30 minutes the first time to figure it out. All you have to do is figure out which has the fish using these clues to help you. Are you part of the 2% in thw rold that can solve it?! 1. The British man lives in a red house. 2. The Swedish...
  14. KristyS

    Num and Mam's old lakorn...

    Yea... I don't remember the lakorn title^^. But Num and Mam Kat. were the pr'nangs and it was a Polyplus production. So, does anyone here know the title?
  15. KristyS

    Random lakorns?

    I'm in a mood for watching a lakorn that goes somewhat like... pr'ek/n'ek is all naive... Or maybe one of them came back for revenge?... and one of them is being tricked or something... No any series like that? ... From year 1998+, please. oh, oh or one where the pr'ek/n'ek is so sweet to the...
  16. KristyS

    Gae Roy Ruk or Supapburut Satan?

    Seems like everyone likes the Fri-Sun slot... Let's see which one's best. I like both, but I'm into mysterious lakorns and I find Gae Roy Ruk more interesting ^_^ .
  17. KristyS

    WM Recorder

    Could someone upload it for me? Doesn't matter which version as long as it works... And, please ot a .rar file because I can't open those =[ ... Please teach me how to use it too. Thank you so much =] !
  18. KristyS

    Current fav. drama

    No doubt about it. Mine is... Ngao Asoke ...
  19. KristyS

    Pat @ Toyota Event

    Credit: P'Nuy/Jieb @
  20. KristyS

    Season - Pat

    Credit: Winkzi @