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  1. mainira

    general vang pao's funeral.

    i thought that funeral was very nice, until the last night. OMG, i hated the guy that did the txiv xaiv. GOSH, i wonder who pick him out, he was rude and so conceited. they could have gotten a better guy that actually know what the hell he's talking about. his txiv xaiv didn't even connect...
  2. mainira

    Picture : fresno Hmong new year picture

    everyone, share picture that u guy took during the fresno hmong new year.......would love to see them......i am going to post mine up
  3. mainira

    miss hmong international contestants....

    here is the link to the miss hmong international contestant......i am so excited this year.......check it out and tell me what you think.....
  4. mainira

    2010 Olympics at Vancouver, Canada

    is anyone watching the olympics on NBC or Universal sports? gosh, i love it..........just finish re-watching the pair and men figure skating.........just love can watch it on
  5. mainira

    merced new year 2009

    i can't wait for merced new year. i believe that it is on the weekend of the dec. 19.......ok, who's going? i know for sure that i am. no more school and final so i will be there to relax my poor brain. hope to see all of you there....i think that merced have dancing competition, beauty pageant...
  6. mainira

    Huas Ham

    hey all you guy.........i just wanted to share some of his music video with you guys.....i thought that he is very cute..... here is some of his video that i found on youtube.... ( preview)
  7. mainira

    hmong new year in Cali?

    ok, here is what i know; fresno: December 26-jan. 1(like always) sac: on thankgiving break somewhere in nov 25-27 and that is all that i know......if anyonw can be more specifc to these date and other date and place, pleasae post it up so that everyone know the date..........ohh man how i...
  8. mainira

    four sister

    i was reading this at KDA Fansub and it caught my attention......if you know where i can download this, please post it up.....also if you have see this drama, post up comment about it ok.....sorry i can't find a pix for this Four Sisters Also known as: Four Sisters' Story Genre: Drama...
  9. mainira

    need help with azntv streaming

    usually when i go to the sarnworld to go to azntv streaming, it would always work, but now, the link to the streaming videos doesn't work anymore....if you know anything about this, please let my know because i really want to see the drama they have in it .....thank....
  10. mainira

    nas las yaj(from laos i think)

    i just wanted to say that i just heard his third album in my stingy cousin car and i loved it...the first song was so good that i couldn't stop listening to it...i never knew about this guy until my cousin played it and i was so attracted to it...if you are a fan of singers in lao or thai, i...
  11. mainira

    anyone know who's coming from lao or thailand for the new year?

    i was just wondering if you guys know who is coming from laos or thailand to perform at the Fresno Hmong New Year? usually every year would have two or three star or singer that is coming......oh, and if you have been to whoever concert in the past. tell me about it so i won't be so freak out if...