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    WARNING: This story might contain explicit material. Read at your own discretion!! (Index) (Intro + 00 + 01) (Introduction) Everyone has a past they want to forget. Car accident, lost loves, heartbreaks, break ups. That's just naming a few. My black stained past fails between the lines...
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    My Reality

    My Reality (C) TubbyTinker thank you! Main Cast-- Min Pitchaya as Pichy Mak Parin Tomo Supporting Cast-- Barry Nadech Poppy Kenta Jongbae Koen Mila Kanom Jean Fang Faye Noey Updating soon....
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    Balletslippers & Greensneakers

    Excerpts 01 ( later chapters.) “P' are you ready?” I looked up to see Lookpong looking stunning in her beautiful white gown. Reality finally hit me that I was going to marry Lookpong. She held out her hand. I sat there staring at her white gloved hand wondering if this is really how my...
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    Does anyone here listen to the Shock FM?

    From the start I've always been a big fan of this show. There's this one story about "Baan Phi Mon" I'm not sure if anyone heard this but I wanted to know what Kon Mon is? I know they have certain beliefs in things, and I heard this super scary song called "Mon raung-hai" I'll make a cut and...
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    I'm Blacklisted

    I'm Blacklisted © Nueng Chapter One. “Did you hear Aff broke up with Dan?” I heard them gossiping. This was the first time I was present while they talked about me behind my back. “No way, she broke up with Dan? Isn’t he suppose to inherit his father’s company soon.” the short stubby...
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    New Fan Fic Forum

    Please join us there. It's mainly just fan fics posted there, so if your a writer or a reader come check us out and become apart of Soju Fictions. Soju Fictions Come join us! Sorry if I'm not allowed to post this. I don't know where i should post it =)
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    The admins at Memory Box, have decided to open up our Thai Tv Studio for a week as a ASIAN NEW YEAR'S PRESENT to our members now and future members. Remember this is only for a WEEK after that you'll need to raise your post count to continue your downloading. But we do promisethat we have the...
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    AiGoO Love

    Memory Box's new project :) Thai Entertainment forum Memory Box Korean, Japanese, and Chinese Entertainment AiGoO Love Hope to see you @ both :)