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    [Ch3] Leh Roy Ruk (Uma)

    Any one know who sings the ending song and where i can download it? Thx a bunch if anyone can help
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    Gae Roy Ruk(Bangkok Drama)

    okay someone clarify for me please....I saw the preview for Sood Dan Hua Jai (with num and yard) while watching Gae Roy Ruk on IPTV and it said that Sood Dan Hua Jai is airing on the 30th which is a saturday; next saturday to be exact...does that mean it's replacing GRR and that GRR is ending...
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    Yuthakarn Hak Karn Thong(Broadcast Thai)

    today episode was really good. Especially the scenes with rita and rome; though they were just pretending to make mart and noon jealous. but it was still cute anywayz. Tomorrow episode looks good too....I guess mart and noon are going to turn the table and make rita and rome jealous. LOL.
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    Songkram Nang Fah (Exact)

    this lakorn reminds me of Grey's anatomy (don't know if anyone here watch is amazing show on ABC). How derek had a fling with meredith and she later found out that he has a wife; whom he sepereated ways with but never had an official divorce. I'm sure there is a good reason why Kong cheated on...
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    May F., Num Gunchai, and Khem (Thee sip)

    I've been reading alot about this hot topic and finally I can't help it anymore, I have to reply. I heard both side of the story of khem and May/Aum. I don't know who is telling the truth and who is lying because some of the stuff they say conflict with one another. First of all; when May/Aum...
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    Tong 9 (Bangkok Audio Vision)

    there was a tong 5 starring pete t. and emma. when i saw the thread i thought they were going to remake it or this going to be like a sequal or something then? because the first one was tong 5, now tong 9
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    Mafia Tee Rak-(Methamahaniyom)

    i heard a little bit about the storyline...something like chakrit is the mafia in Hong Kong and Pat's dad is a gambler and I guess he like owes money to Chakrit but can't pay it off so he gives Pat to Chakrit to payoff his debt...but at the same time Chakrit met Pat and falls in love with her...
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    Sroy San Jun-(Bangkok Drama)

    i too hope that there is a part 2...but i doubt that they'll have it becuase i haven't heard anything on it yet...beside, if they were to make a part 2 and have the same amount of CG like SSJ, then we might have to wait 2-3 more year because that was how long it took to make this part. didn't...
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    Sroy San Jun-(Bangkok Drama)

    the show was really funny....and it was so funny and cute when Rita was out of word when they ask her if Rome was her type...and same for Rome....they should just hook up as a couple already....they look cute together...I'm so sad that the lakorn is ending this week on saturday...this is my fav...
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    Does anyone know if Vicki Jett is dating anyone?

    also heard the news that shes the third hand in chai and his ex-girlfriend relationship...though of course vicky came out to say that her and chai are just good friends...chai on the other hand didn't give any comment about his status.
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    Buppay Leh Ruk

    I'm really excited about this lakorn....can't wait for it I've been waiting forever...well since FahMai for Poh and Aum to pair up again...this is actually going to only be the 3rd time they costar with each other...I don't that that's too much...well not for me...LOL.
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    Tey Jai Ruk

    this is one of my fav. lakorn right's really funny and cute but sometime the characters makes me mad; for example, Pat's character. She's very cute and all but sometimes she just so stubborn and selfish I think. Like it's okay for her to see other guy and stuff but she gets mad at her...
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    Kom Kohn

    A third installment? I heard about this lakorn but didn't know it was part 3 of jit sung harn....Part one with aum and poh was the bomb...I didn't even bother with part 2 with kob and vee, I thought the storyline was stupid along with other hopefully part 3 would be somewhat better...
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    Lakorn DVD for sell (cont.)

    annenatalie I couldn't PM you because your message box is full :P ...just wanted to let you know that I sent you the payment today and I also enclosed a note inside for you as you asked...please inform me once you get it so I can rest assure that it didn't get lost through the mailing process...
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    Nang'ek & Pra'ek CH7

    I third that too... :loool: ...I want aum to pair up with arnas...they would be super hot would definitly be a must watch on my list...
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    Song Sanaeha(CH 7)

    Hey blue...haven't talk to you for awhile now...where u been... so far, this lakorn is pretty good and interesting...keeps you watching because you wonder WTH is duern going to do next...she's like'll know what I mean if you watch it...LOL... as for aum singing for her lakorn...
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    Song Sanaeha(CH 7)

    basically, duern told those two reporter that pi was the one who put the nails into the tub that ann (walit's ex) was suppose to do the commerical in...she said pi did it because she was mad at ann for coming back into walit's life and ruining what pi had with the reporters all went...
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    Song Sanaeha(CH 7)

    fro epi 7 where pi and duern were talking at their house, duern came to confess to pi that she was the one who changed pi's interview for walit (vee's) magazine....duern was mad because she misunderstood walit that it was him who did it....that's why she drove off to go meet up with walit...
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    Kwan Ausamanee smoking

    is there such a thing as fake cigarette? never heard or seen one that actually lite up... :lol: I don't think that it would help her image that much just by going to the temple and donating blood....true that she'll probably get more respect if she just came forward with the truth...everyone...
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    Song Sanaeha(CH 7)

    I'm not sure if Pi is going to be a superstar but it show a preview in that in episode 3 Pi would have to cover for Duern in a lakorn because she's too busy finding her for the part at the hospital basically what happen was that when the reporter got to the hospital and saw there was...