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  1. mainira

    [Mainland] Three Lives Three World, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom / Eternal Love

    I finally have time to finish this drama and I just absolutely love this drama. Fell in love with both brother. Both are just so charming and dreaming, smart, caring, honorable. They sure know how to tease a woman's heart with both love it to the moon and back. The OST...
  2. mainira

    which actress(es) do you think have a nice figure?

    Poo, Aum p, mint c.,
  3. mainira

    Actresses you don't consider "pretty"

    For me it's Ann T., Ester, mint C, Ter, Ann Alicia, Benz....
  4. mainira

    Got Jakrapun

    Lol. Even if he did I wouldn't know what's going on because I can't read thai. So sad.....well, hope he come out with another album. :)
  5. mainira

    Most Handsome Actor

    I don't know why but num's look never is appealing to me.....would like to add one more : the actor that played kobori with Mam. He was so handsome.
  6. mainira

    Got Jakrapun

    If anyone know any news, please update us. Too bad I don't know any thai:)
  7. mainira

    Got Jakrapun

    I am hoping he is not gay.......would love to see him with his own kids. Man, what beautiful person they must be......
  8. mainira

    Got Jakrapun

    i am watching his lakorn with cherry again. Man he was awesome and handsome in there, making me fall for him all over again. wondering what he is up to. haven't seen him around. anyone knows??
  9. mainira

    Most Handsome Actor

    oh gosh i am so old school but i just love to look at Got jakrapun my #1, Bee S, and Son, i could look at them all day long
  10. mainira

    Which P'ek character is your dream husband?

    mine would be Got Jakrapun from tur keu duang jai with dreamy and handsome.......
  11. mainira

    1975 Hmoob Poob Teb Chaws

    OMG! a very good movie.....i just bought at Sacramento New year and it is SOOO worth it. the acting is great and i love the sound track....would REALLY recommend to you guys that haven't buy it yet......
  12. mainira

    For Por T. Fan

    i am interested in the coffee that was sold at the new year. Do you or your friend, by any chance, know where i can buy it in fresno?
  13. mainira

    Palm reading

    OMG! i want my hand to be read but i am so scared because of superstition. i want to share this though. my mom can't read palm but from what she heard her father say was that if you have a line in the middle of your palm that goes all the way thru, it means that you're clumsy. but who knows what...
  14. mainira


    nicely said!!!!! man you should work as a tourist agent. even i'm convince that france is a great place to visit.....hehehe..........
  15. mainira

    Barry Nadech and Aum Patcharapa

    i think they would make a VERY FINE couple.........both are good lookin with long face and sexy eyes and sexy body. my personal opinion is that they( aum&barry) would LOOK better together compare to yaya and barry.......also, if i was to have aum's body, i would flaut it whereever i go...
  16. mainira

    Thai Actor/Actress attending Fresno New Year

    here are some picture of them at the fresno new year......
  17. mainira

    Thai Actor/Actress attending Fresno New Year

    saw them today. por was SSSOOOOOO handsome and mam was VERY beautiful. both looked better in real life...........will add picture later......
  18. mainira

    [Ch7] Ban Sai Tong (DaraVdo)

    i totally agree with you!!!!!
  19. mainira

    Alexandra Bounxouei performed at Hmong TV Show

    how awesome!!!!!! she looks great, although she seem very small and fragile...