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  1. katy

    Anyone want to help open a CEE & AMY

    Here the link: Can Susie and ChenrukNote pm me so I can change u two to co-admin or mod... Thanks you ChenrukNote I already have ask someone to make a banner for the forum but for the next banner I will ask you to make one....
  2. katy

    Anyone want to help open a CEE & AMY

    ChenrukNote and Susie thanks you a lot :yahoo: , I need the help....When I finish set everything up at the , I will post the link up for you guys or pm you two.....thanks again....
  3. katy

    leeSahs drawings

    You got talented ....keep it up
  4. katy

    yajvaj's work

    Very get very good!!!keep is up
  5. katy

    Anyone want to help open a CEE & AMY

    I like Cee and Amy a lot as a couple. So I want to open a forum about Cee and Amy...I don't know much about Cee or Amy...I need some help with info, pictuer, etc...If anyone want to help pm me or just post in this topic..... I think the name of the forum will be LOVE CEE AMY CLUB Thanks You...
  6. katy

    Edison Chen

    Sorry i couldn't find anything on her..
  7. katy

    Hana-Kimi Taiwan Series

    Mizuki Ashiya, a Japanese American, just transferred to a boarding school in Japan for one reason: To see her idol, Izumi Sano, jump in the high jump. There’s just a couple problems. 1) It’s an all boy’s school, 2) she’s pretending to be a boy, and 3) several people know her secret. Characters...
  8. katy

    Interlove forum

    thanks for the links
  9. katy

    Ploy Cherman

    Plain and just her self..
  10. katy

    Hmong people exist in Australia!

    I think I did know hmong live in Australia..but not that many
  11. katy

    Star Apple Garden

  12. katy

    Star Apple Garden

    Here is the theme song.....
  13. katy

    Star Apple Garden

    Sorry, if someone already post this....right now I am watching this but i don't know how to post it up here...I brought the whole set already and I think this is one of the best one i saw of him.....I love it....I will put the summary up...soon....
  14. katy

    [upcoming TW-nese Drama series] Shen QIng Mi mA (Silence)

    I been wanting to see this for awhile but i been busy....
  15. katy


    Thanks for sharing.....
  16. katy

    Where did your boyfriend take you on your first date?

    Me and my ex's didn't go on a date....
  17. katy

    Poo at TV POOL 17 years Star Party

    Nice bang....she cut her hair for her boyfriend....How sweet?
  18. katy


    Dragon Tiger Gate is going to come out this month...... :D ...Hey, i can't wait.....:w000t:
  19. katy


    I don't know if anyone saw the trailer for Dragon Tiger Gate yet...but here is the links...