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    Roy Ruk Roy Baht

    Confirm by Aof on Kan Paak 1/13/08.
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    Boy Palinya

    While driving in the Samut Prakan province, Boy Palinya had a heart attack. He lost control of the car and hit a taxi and rails. The accident is not the cause of his death, Boy was in a coma and his heart stop beating. Boy only 35 years old and used to be a famous pre'ek for Ch.7 Boran lakorn...
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    duplicate file

    I'm added Grong Petch in the lakorn section but didn't realize some already made the page for it under Krong there anyway to delete my page?
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    Dreamwever 2004

    I download Dreamwever 2004 here on don't know where is the serial number so I can use the program longer then just 30 days...Can someone help get me with serial number... THANKS YOU A LOT
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    Vote for your...

    You can vote as many time you want until May 26 or 25....Must register to vote... These are the Thai artist that make the list for mtv asia awards 2006 1. Lydia (RS) 2. Bodyslam (GMM) 3. 4gotten ( I THINK THIS GROUP IS ALSO GMM) NOT SURE 4. Thaitanium (SONY) 5. Tata Young (SONY)...
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    Thammasat University

    Hi, I need some advice. I want to stusy abroad in Thailand and my university only offer Thammasat sounds like a good school...but i don't know if I should go....sorry I'm a bit confuse...