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    Film Rattapoom fathered Annie Brook's son

    There was recently a news saying Film is the father of Annie's son.
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    Kob's Wedding Picture

    Check out this website... Special thank to the website where I got these photo from:
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    Lao Fong

    Do anyone know website to install Lao font on your computer to use in writing with Microsoft words and how to use it.... Thnk
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    Stars Fortune Teller

    Do you think that it fair that fortune teller come out and tell the star fortune without their consent? Like Mor Kit and Lydia case...... To me I think it is unfair.. Fourtune teller should have their own confidentiality... Even though star are people business but in some case it will hurt them....
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    What are some the star mix with? I do not know if this thread been posted but its very interesting..Because I am going to have a mix child myself and hope my baby is be half as cute as them...Could you give the hair and eyes color too.... I am Lao/French/Cambodian (brown eyes and brown hair)...
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    SOLVE FOR "K" N=k^2-3k/2 Please show the whole process! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
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    Domestic Abuse

    There is the family I know...there lives is always involved in some kind of domestic abuse... One day the younger sister was betting some much that she was hosipitalize(she was abuse before but didn't do anything about it) finally called the cops her abuser which happen to be her brother... She...
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    Lift Marry!

    Here is the link with the pic.... Aump caught the flower bouquet... She probably going to be the next to marry....
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    Kor Phan Sar

    I was wondering if anyone is doing something special for 2008 Kor Phan Sar... For me... No meat until it end....
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    Unisex Name

    Could anyone think one from a-z that sound nice....
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    MidWest Snow Storm

    Well if you're living somewhere lets say Milwaukee then you're lucky, right? WRONG! We're getting hit with a foot plus of snow. Everything are closed and people are stuck inside the house... :(
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    Khmer in Chicago

    Do you know any place in the Chicago district to learn Khmer's music.
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    Fortune Teller

    Do any of you guys know any Laotian fortune teller or a witch doctor.....
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    Laos must make peace with Hmong...

    CREDIT TO MLY14 EDITORIAL Laos must make peace with Hmong Vang Pao's arrest offers Vientiane a chance to peacefully reintegrate the ethnic minority into its society The interception by United States authorities of a plot by Hmong...
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    Winter White

    Hey, In Wisconsin today is our first actual snow fall that doesn't mix with anything and we're getting a winter storm. Shit.
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    Work Party

    I need help... There's going to be a Christmas Party at work and I don't know what to wear.. The party is going to be held at a casino. So what should I wear that is approriate and fit the environment...Also could someone give me a website to shop for some sexy wardrove thanx muc muc
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    I was wondering if anyone was watching this lakorn. It's ITV broadcast. I think it's pretty okay. It's about the n'eak being a mermaid. Really sweet should check it out.
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    I was wondering if anyone know anything about this website. It seem to be down or something or it change.. Any info..
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    Yahoo Messagner

    Do anyone have problem with it while trying to contact a friend throough voice.. Because I do... I kept on shutting off on me..
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    April Hmong Month

    I don't know if you guy heard this or not... Governor Doyle of Wisconsin have declare April Hmong month.. Heehehehe if you guy don't then you're way back.. Cause I'm not Hmong and I know...