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  1. Babyt

    The Inheritance

    Prologue: She was known as the most beautiful woman in the city, her family came down a line of wealth and the blood of the royalty. She was the only heir to the Sinjai’s family fortunes where she can live for decades without working a single finger. There was a great white house, the Sinjai...
  2. Babyt

    Paranormal Activity

    did anyone see this, i just saw it tonight, its pretty the whole theater screaming
  3. Babyt

    Origin of the Porb (AP)

    does anyone know the origin of it..there's so many stories on how she became the flying head ghost...any real encounters??
  4. Babyt

    Baby names

    im looking for boys and girl's Thai names that begins with an "S"
  5. Babyt

    Three Rivers

    he's one of the main characters, Plays Dr. David Lee (a surgeon) who is a womanizer..its premiering this sunday at 9pm eastern time. I'm glad he's getting recognized here and i hope this series turn out good...
  6. Babyt

    Filipino Drama

    does anyone have any suggestion on a good serie with english subtitles n where i can go to watch it...i just wanted to give it a try because long lonnnngggggggggg time ago they used to air filipino dramas on this asian channel n i saw a couple of eps and thought it was pretty good.
  7. Babyt

    Daniel Henney in WOLVERINE

    he looks mighty fine in it..i didn't actually see the movie yet, but i saw him in the preview and boy he looks good..he plays Agent Zero...
  8. Babyt

    Need some beauty advice

    there was a topic about this awhile back...i was wondering if anyone know how to get rid of dark underarms. I was going to buy this south beach lightening cream, but i wasn't sure if it'll work and it's kind of expensive also. any idea if there is anything at like walgreens or walmart that works?
  9. Babyt

    The Real Sorrow - Ch. 6 posted 06-10-09

    "I fell in love with him at the age of 13. I know it's young, but I knew he was the one." "I fell in love with her at the age of 15. I know it's young, but I knew she was the one." "But fate was cruel, it was always cruel to us and that is the real sorrow" Coming soon..... I'm going to...
  10. Babyt

    Thai wedding songs

    any recommendations...first dance songs
  11. Babyt

    Honeymoon in Thailand

    I'm thinking on going to THailand for my honeymoon, where would be a good place to go? I was looking online and there isn't a lot of the ALL INCLUSIVE ones..i want to go somewhere where it is all inclusive because its cheaper that way...
  12. Babyt

    Online courses

    just wondering if anyone have taken online is it? is it easy or hard?
  13. Babyt

    Airplane Carry ons

    i was just wondering if anyone went on a trip lately...i was wondering if the security check point gave anyone a hard time on what u can bring in as carryons...cuz i wanted to pack all my makeups into my carryon bag...did anyone get any hard time with the makeup things such as compac, liquid eye...
  14. Babyt

    Completely Yours to Love

    CHARACTERS: Tik Jessadaporn Poldee Kob Suvanant Kongying Yui Jiranun Manojam Arnas Rapanich Other characters: Woot Uttsadawoot Luengsoontorn Jui Warattaya Nikuha Paula Taylor Jieb Chompoonuch many more.... Genre: Romantic Drama with a bit of comedy here and there... Rating: PG-13 Chapter...
  15. Babyt

    Treasure Venture

    i was just wondering if anyone have this serie dubbed in khmer...willing to buy
  16. Babyt

    Teardrops of Pain :: Kob/Dennis

    Casts: Dennis O’Neil Oil Thana Sutthikamol Daniel Henney Kob Suvanant Kongying Noon Woranuch Wongsawan Rita Sririta Kongying Ploy Jindachot and more...... Genre: Revenge/Drama Rated: PG-17? Chapter 1: The rain fell, droplets that looked like teardrops. Thunder roared and the lightening...
  17. Babyt

    Searching for SOPHA

    if anyone has any idea how to find her or get in touch with her please tell me..i've been trying to contact her for a loong time now. if you were around from kob's forum to when this forum was created, you'll know who she is..her name is Sopha or Momma Butt and she goes by the sn of Koishii on...
  18. Babyt

    Mango sauce

    does anyone know how to make it...its the one where its really spicy and u put shrimp paste in it...can someone give me the recipe...