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  1. Babyt

    [Ch3] Mam Gaem Daeng (Guts Entertainment)

    wat is this lakorn about anyways
  2. Babyt

    [Ch5] Zeal 5 Kon Gla Tah Atam (PolyPlus)

    Teya Rogers is in episode 4
  3. Babyt

    The Devil and the Fallen Angel

    SO GOOD...bte off topic. Asy, but is that Kob's baby shes holding
  4. Babyt

    The Devil and the Fallen Angel

    love it!!!! :thumbsup:
  5. Babyt

    [Movie] The Sorcerer and the White Snake 2011

  6. Babyt

    Scenes that should have been added in lakorns

    kA KhONG KHON- Shouldve added a baby scene like the old version..
  7. Babyt

    Paula Taylor Has Given Birth

    its funny how when she got engaged then married, in her interviews she was all like they're not ready for a baby yet bc her hubby wants to finish school n stuff like that, then boom right after the wedding, shes pregnant and then boom, now she's given birth..why cant people just tell the truth
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    Sood Hua Jai Jao Chai Tewada (Kantana)

    has stephen meet jeab yet
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    Kularb Rai Glay Ruk (Duang Malee Manee Jun)

    any idea if theres any willing scene or r scene for this one
  10. Babyt

    Kha Khong Khon [Exact & channel 7]

    whos the little girl?
  11. Babyt

    Dok Som See Thong(Broadcast thai)

    funny how chatchai looks younger in the 2nd part when he looked so old in the first, he should look even older in the 2nd
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    so what are u releasing? if u dont mind me asking or is it a secret lol
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    Buy,Sell,Trade Thai/Chinese Dramas & Lakorns

    no its the one where johnny wanted revenge on noi's family so he made her sister fall in love with him n on the wedding day he left..n later on he kidnaps noi to his resort or something
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    Wayupak Montra 13end
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    Buy,Sell,Trade Thai/Chinese Dramas & Lakorns

    does anyone have Ra Roeung Fai with Johnny and Noi, i wanna buy it
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    [Ch7] Bundai Dok Ruk (Dida)

    i would think its the other way around since Min character is supposed to be conceited and is someone who thinks she can get any guy. i would think that she will get with the workaholic and Sammie would get with the player, cuz opposite attracts lol
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    malai sarm cha 32 end
  18. Babyt

    [Ch7] Dome Tong (Dida)

    the grandma creeped me out when i saw this as a kid lol but its a good lakorn...
  19. Babyt

    Mong Kud Dork Som (Broadcast Thai Televison)

    the second is schedule to air right after this one ends
  20. Babyt


    yes, PLR have the whole ending...waiting for Wayupak Montra now, hope it is released soon