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  1. annmott

    Forever and Always (NY Fanfic)

    We all know the story of Nangfah and Saichon. How they fall in love in the island and broke each other because of misunderstandings and yet still end up in each others arms. BUT what if things were reversed? What if... It was Saichon who got washed out on the island with no memory of his...
  2. annmott

    The Other Side (NY Fanfic) - Complete

    A/N: Hey guys! New NY fanfic in the works. So I've been thinking of the plot where it would fit the theme that I wanted (Don't get too excited but it was the one with the friends with benefits). :celebrate16::risas3: The original plot was for someone like Ms. Gee (my ultimate girl crush) to...
  3. annmott

    Silverlining - NY fanfic (Complete)

    Yaya is the epitome of beauty and perfection, but behind the perfect illusion is a past that she tried to bury... Nerdy, awkward and with speech disorder, little Yaya grew up with only her nanny as her guardian. An illegitimate child that no one should be aware of. Life has not been kind to her...
  4. annmott

    Say You Love Me (NY Fanfic)

    New Summary below ---------------------------------------------------------------- AN: I know I'm a little bit late with the yadech fever but better be late than never eh? I've only recently discover these two (I must be living under a rock) and I can not move on! Literally that I've gone...