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    Golf and Kwan are coming to USA!!!!

    I'm so excited to see these two!!!
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    Hate That I Love You

    Here is my new fanfic, hope you guys like it :) Anyone interested making a poster for me? :) Rome as Tavy Rita as Lin Weir as Vayu Pinky as May Introduction Don’t hate the player, hate the game! Lin - “He is hot, handsome, and rich. Yet, he is vain, conceited, and a player. My...
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    Love Across The Sky

    Thanks to aikoden for the poster :) Hey sarnies, here is my fan fiction that I would like to share with you guys :) Hope you guys like it and please bear with me on my poor English. Thanks ja :) Nadej as Dan Sai Parn as Sam Aof as Ken Prologue My heart was pounding as I looked at the...
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    Bie, Ruj, and Singto the star

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    Summer Love

    Hey Sarnie, first of all I would like to introduce myself, my name is Lee. I just started writing a novel lately. So I would like to share with you guys and see what you guys think :) But please forgive me for my poor English, because English wasn't my first language. The story called "Summer...
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    Pim Pimmada

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    Peak - Pattarasaya

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    amateur photographer

    I've been interested in photography recently, and would like to share some of my works with you guys :) feel free to give me any suggestions and comments, I know I need it to improve myself. Thank you :)
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    P'Chakrit cried I don't know if you guys see this yet, but i just want to share. poor P' chakrit, it so sad to see he cried :(
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    need help with poetry

    hi sarnies, could you guys do me a favor?? hehe i have a poetry panel for final for english class , i'm not so familiar with poetry at all...Please I need ur suggestions and share some of ur favorite poetry. Thank you so much :D have a nice day!
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    I NEED some help guys!!!

    hey guys I really need some opinions for my philosophy paper. Under what circumstances is the instigation of war justified? I need some of your conception of moral standing: if all individuals have moral standing, what justifies the violence that armed conflict entails? what would make...
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    need help!

    hey everyone, I don't know how to post pictures on here...can you guys help me? Thanks :D
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    new singer!

    I think he is kindda cute :)