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    Not wanting to talk to a Hmong guy

    Just recently this guy called me to talk. Not wanting to be mean cause my dad will kill me because that reflect upon him as a father in the Hmong community, I talked to him and tried to find out who he is and who gave out my number. Seriously throughout the whole conversation I feel like...
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    [Mainland] Heaven Sword Dragon Saber (Huayi Brothers Media Corporation)

    Hey have you guys heard of the new adaptation of HSDS by Zhang Ji Zhong, the guy behing ROCH 06? I am very excited about the remake however I like series with eye-candy heroes and the guy chosen for Zhang Wuji doesn't that kind of looks but they say that he had the acting abilities just poor...
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    ngao asoke

    I just want to express my anger with how this production dubbed and edited the series....It is's Hmong production. have 4 parts to the movie and the only storyline they kept in there is Viyada's. Aweful...I really did not want to watch her at all...if anything I'd like her to be...
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    Been mistaken for another race

    Hey I was just wondering what a Hmong person would acutally look like. I think I look Hmong alot but others would tell me that if they don't know me, they think I'm a different race. I've been mistaken for Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and now Vietnamese. I seem to look like a different race...
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    Secretly in Love with You

    Has anyone seen this series? I wanted to know if it's any good before getting it. sorry if this topic has been discussed before. Please give me replies if you've seen it. good or bad