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  1. honda

    Songs on Youtube

    Is there a way to copy songs from youtube into a CD?
  2. honda

    I would like to register at Weir's website to view pictures and stuff but can't read thai. Would someone be willing to help me with this?
  3. honda

    IPTV-Channel 7 Concert

    Can't find this under the music section. Does anyone know if they moved it or took it off completely.
  4. honda

    Pancake and Kwan

    I've been hearing alot about Pancake and Kwan not getting along, but I didn't really hear why. Can someone fill me in please?
  5. honda

    Janie and Tangmo

    I read on DirtiiLaundry that Janie thru the press called out to Mo and said she missed seeing her. Mo came back and said something along the lines of watch what you say because I know your biggest secret. Does anyone know what happen between them?
  6. honda

    Kaan Pak

    Anybody know what happen to this show? I used to watch it at and obizgo and now I can't find it.
  7. honda

    Need Help

    I hope someone can help me. When I enter into a topic I am having problem viewing the post history. All I can see is the original post and summary listing of any additional replys. If I want to view the ful detail of a particular reply I have have to click on it and view it one by one. Before al...
  8. honda

    Num S. and Nui S.

    I was watching some old episodes of Ratree Samosorn last night and Num was one of the guest. They asked if him and Nui was back together and the way he answered lead me to believe they are back together. Can anyone confirme?
  9. honda

    Please Translate

    I'm trying to order something but can't read thai. Would some one please translate the below. Thank you in advance. สินค้า ราคา จำนวน รวม 0704282 : หักเหลี่ยมพระกาฬ ดีวีดี 600.00 1 600.00 รวมทั้งหมด 600.00 บาท 20.00 สวิสฟรังค์ 12.00 ยูโร...
  10. honda

    Num Sornram

    Does any body know what happen to Num Sornram? I have seen or heard about him in a long time. Any body have any updates on him?
  11. honda

    Num Sornram

    Does anyone know if P'Num as any other projects that he is working on other than his lakorn with Poo? I am in love with him and miss seeing him on screen, but at he same time I can not stand to watch his lakorn with Poo due to her really bad acting.
  12. honda

    Kob and Brook

    I heard on TV pool live that Kob and Brook's wedding is off. It's been said that Brook's mom has put her foot down and Brook and Kob are done. Any one know anything about this?
  13. honda

    Chakrit and Marsha Lakorn

    I woul really like to see the lakorn with Chakrit and Marsha. If any of you have it or know where I can get please let me know.