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    The Star 8 (SUSAPDA vol. 30 no. 701 May 2012 April 2012)

    Can :wub: narak mak!
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    Tle, Pong, Om, Boy (OOPS! vol. 8 no. 180 April 2012)

    oh, om... :wub:
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    [Ch3] Sapai Paya Yom (Tv Scene)

    Yeah, I know, same here. In the recent episode, it kinda felt like her soul is starting to like Nat. I don't know, I might be wrong one this one. Hopefully the pra'nangs don't switch. :nono1:
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    [Ch3] Sapai Paya Yom (Tv Scene)

    Aw, I hope not... :no: I want Nat and Koy to be together.
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    [Ch3] Sapai Paya Yom (Tv Scene)

    wait, since they're changing souls, will koy still get with nat or will the couples switch?
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    Dome Pakorn and Koy Ratchawin

    love it!
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    Ken P, Mark, and Boy

    haha! the cover is so cute!
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    oh, nichkhun... :cloud9:
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    Pao Paowalee

    she has such as cute charm to her especially her accent!
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    [Ch3] Mook Liam Petch (Pau Jing Jong)

    is there a possibility that jason young might be part of the bad guys since everyone keeps looking down on him? :weep:
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    hey emilie! thank you so much for the birthday wish! =)

    hey emilie! thank you so much for the birthday wish! =)
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    Barry Nadech

    nadech, why are you so good looking?! lol :D
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    The STAR 6

    hahaha, that's so wrong but yet, so funny! thanks for sharing =)
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    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    aaww, they look adorable/cute together! =)
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    i think its because they're wearing circle lense that's why they look sorta difference in here. this photoshoot is really cute! =)
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    Kwan Usamanee: Quest for a Perfect Dress

    stunning! =) she looks really pretty in this magazine shoot.
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    Aff Taksaorn & Aum Atichart: The Perfect Match

    they look absolutely great together! they really should become a couple. =)
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    2 pm

    credits to allkpop 2PM's Jaebeom is coming back!? On the upcoming episode of MBC's Golden Fishery set to air on the 11th, JYP carefully brought up Jaebeom and hinted about his return to 2PM. JYP Entertainment stated: "We slightly touched upon Jaebeom's possible return, JYP's statement...
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    Namtan Mai(Tv Scene)

    haha, this is gonna be a really stupid question to ask but is Aer (Air) really gay (like in the lakorn) or is he like bisexual or something?
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    Pancake Khemmanit [Autumn in Korea]