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    MaeKa Kanom Wan(Makers Group)

    the teaser looks like he's gonna misunderstand that Pai is still seeing Thong ek on the side...correct me if I'm wrong. Anywase about him finding out who Thong ek really is, I want him to find out by accidentally kissing him/her since in the beginning he said something along the lines of...
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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    I think she made an afro look hot in kae roy ruk, I'm sure she'll make the outfit look good in the series
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    maiv xyooj's back~!

    Those flowers she's sniffing, does she know that they are opium poppies??? not Roses???
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    TABBOO?? yang+yang. etc...

    Korean people don't marry the same last name too. There was a Korean guy who liked me at work but later he found out that my last name is Lee and he is also a Lee. He accepted me as his sister and I was more than willing to accept him as my brother instead. I've heard of this taboo every now...
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    bie and his heart sign

    Most of his songs involves a phone call...I didn't think a line with "call" would be in his new song but it was...when it said 10,000 missed call The heart thing...too much for me
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    hmong gossip! :D

    Gossip is a Hmong specialty, you've gotta have the skill to make the topic interesting twisting it in all kinds of way to exaggerate a boring topic into something damaging and more interesting. About the teenage pregnancy, I don't really care when people I don't know do it but when...
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    pra blu tong

    I love him in that series where it sorda go like the chinese cinderella story RIP
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    Mabsua Lis

    Saw her at New years, I thought she can sing, better than some of the idiots that are trying to sing big american on the stage. When was that MV made, she looks much younger in person and prettier. I don't listen to Hmong songs so when I went to her booth I was minding my own business checking...
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    Not wanting to talk to a Hmong guy

    thanks for all the replies..appreciated it. Hmong girls getting a random call from an unknown guy I think is pretty usual because anyone can pass out their numbers. In my case, the aunts and uncles does it. My parents has such a strong hold on my everyday activity so talking to guy would be...
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    Not wanting to talk to a Hmong guy

    Just recently this guy called me to talk. Not wanting to be mean cause my dad will kill me because that reflect upon him as a father in the Hmong community, I talked to him and tried to find out who he is and who gave out my number. Seriously throughout the whole conversation I feel like...
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    I think I look like a fob most of the time because I hate taking care of myself unless I have to, like going to school or to the store...ahahha. I tend to like my eyebrows thick because my parents hates it when we tweeze it too thin but yeah I have funky brows so I buy the honey brown(a color...
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    Boy Palinya

    so sad, I clicked on this link to find something good about him but to find this....Rip
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    [KBS2] Boys Before Flower

    it's okay, it'll take a couple of episodes before you'll get very into it. The first episodes, the chemistry just seems odd...some reactions are too slow. It's like watching swan princess barbie with my little sister, if anyone's seen, you'll know what I mean. I have to say that the guys are...
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    Hmong Clan Ways...

    The face down spoon thing I remember had to do with spirits. Grandparents told me about it back when I was 5-9, that's more than 15 yrs ago. All I remeber is that it has to do with some kind of spirit or superstition type of thing.
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    Oguri Shun

    It's for a sony ericsson commercial, youtube it. I'd never thought they can make him look like that after seeing in drag in HanaKimi. He didn't really make good looking girl in the series.ahahah
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    Salman Khan

    I went to high school with a girl whose the niece of Aishwarya Rai and she hates Salmon Khan when I talk about him. It wasnt' til later that she said she hates his personality. She perfers Shahruk Khan. She told me a lot about them Bollywood stars cause she also acted in the movies with them...
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    hahahaha...23 here and still one, a very PROUD one too. ehhehe I don't think it has anything to do with not having a boyfriend, I value my family over my paths of life. I rather stay home than go out and have fun. Also one thing too that I've come to find is that I think I might have...
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    [Mainland] Heaven Sword Dragon Saber (Huayi Brothers Media Corporation)

    Hey have you guys heard of the new adaptation of HSDS by Zhang Ji Zhong, the guy behing ROCH 06? I am very excited about the remake however I like series with eye-candy heroes and the guy chosen for Zhang Wuji doesn't that kind of looks but they say that he had the acting abilities just poor...
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    Gay Lover

    I feel sorry for them to not have their parents accept them. It's hard when your parents goes as far as disclaiming you if you don't change your way of thinking. I don't date so sometimes my friends and families suspect that I might be a lesbian...I must say that I love guys on TV, I'm just...
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    ngao asoke

    I just want to express my anger with how this production dubbed and edited the series....It is's Hmong production. have 4 parts to the movie and the only storyline they kept in there is Viyada's. Aweful...I really did not want to watch her at all...if anything I'd like her to be...