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    Rachatayad(The Crown Prince)

    Hey guys, this is my Fanfiction that I will be writing. Updates will be on the Weekend because I'm busy with school. As of right now I will post the characters of the Story. Hopefully everyone will like my fanfiction, if there's mistake or anything I need to improve on, tell me. Characters...
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    [CH.True4U] Jao Wayha 3: Poo Krong Fah (6 Hanuman)

    News are saying that Mai davika might move to ch3 or be a free actress. Yesterday during the True Smart Life event that was held and Tik,Andrew,Aum,Mak,Pancake and noon all attend the event. Now news is breaking out and is saying that Tik and Mai might be pairing as a couple in a series that...
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    Tik, Ken, Aum and Poh

    These great actors should act once in a lakorn together though, Ken and Tik both are in Luerd Mungkorn while Poh and Aum met in KooDuerd. It would be nice to see these 4 guys act together.
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    Nadech Fan feels dishearted.

    News been flying around lately saying that Nadech ' s fanclub are feeling dishearted and are sad because Nadech was asked by the reporter of the news about Mew Nitra whom is his Nang-ek having a fan anti page. Nadech told his fans to think carefully and respect all of his Nang-ek just like how...
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    Kim and Mark having problems or not?

    There's been news going around when Kim posted a photo that has a caption saying something about being hurt in the past, news is now going around saying that her caption might be referring to mark prin. So the reporters questioned Kim about her relationship with mark and the caption photo that...
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    !!!!A Supachai, A good or Bad Manager?!!

    So I've been noticing that many kids under the care of A Supachai are leaving him,feel disheartened and unequal because of the way how he treats them all. Is A a good manager? Which Dara left him? Is he money hunger? And why is he bringing in so much newbie actors and actress when he is all over...
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    Tik Jesdaporn Reject in Taking Shirtless PhotoShoot!!!!

    It has been in the news for a while now, Since when Tik Jesdaporn decides to Take a photoshot of him having to put on a beard and showing off his arm muscle. The magazine was top of the town to the point where numerous magazine company contract him to do a shirtless magazine shoot where he can...
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    Samee Ngern Tra(The Currency Husband)

    สามีเงินตรา Tik- M.R.WThawee Aum- Natlada or Lada Joy Rinlanee- Ornsanee or Orn Nott- Asavee Mint Natawara- Maythinee or May Tah Warit- Pongthep or Thep Dilok- M.R.W Ronnachai Nok Jariya- Than Ying Marasamee
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    Thailand's most Manly Actor

    In your opinion, who are your top 5 most manly actor in the ET? since well, even though many actors in the ET may be super muscular looking with all the packaand good looking body but some of them have girl characters. I'm my opinion Here's my top five. 1.Tik Jesdaporn 2. Ken Theeradeth 3. Tui...
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    Wouldn't it be nice to see these three do a lakorn together!!!? Only if it could be!! These three would be hot together!! What do you guys think?
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    Veterans VA Newbies

    What are you guys thought of the newbies now a days compared to the a veterans in the old days? What are your thoughts on the actor and actress of both generation? Who are your top three actors?
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    Actor/Actess in lakorns Opinion

    My opinion on the lakorns in the future is that is being portray by the newer generation is disappointing because now a day there are like no good lakorns to watch anymore like in the old days. I feel like the script and the plot is always the same or boring. Nowadays there are zoo many remake...
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    Si Yod Kumon Remake

    If this was to be remake who do you guys think would Match the role. For me these are my couple Pond/Fah Fuse/Naen Ak/Gubgib And I don't know about the last couple yet.
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    Song Rao

    Song Rao Tik- Doctor Punthanawoot or Mor Thana Aff- Aunlada or Nueng Nott- Asavee Mint- Ornsanee or Orn Song Rao is a super sad love story between two young lovers at child till grown up, even if death or fate separate them from each other. The love that they both have for one another will...