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    Hmong Dance Songs

    Hey there, I was just wondering if anyone knew any good HMONG songs for those circle dances? Thank you.
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    Swordsman II

    Does anyone know what the hmong title of "Swordsman II" is? I'm trying to look for the movie.
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    Hmong Version of Leaving No Trace

    I was wondering if anyone knew the Hmong song to Teresa Teng's "Leaving No Trace". I can't figure out what the title was or who was the singer, it's at the tip of my tongue but it's just not coming to me. Thank you!
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    Dennis, with his dazed eyes slowly opened the doorknob to find a figure taking a shower. His curious eyes eye the familiar shape of the woman. She was hymning a familar tune. He took off his clothes and joined her in the bathroom. Ann was shampooing her hair when someone's hands were running...
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    Ann pushed him away and fixed herself, how dare she let herself indulge in him once again! She walked over to his car door and sat inside waiting for him. They went to the hotel. His mom ran out to greet them, "Dennis, dear how come you are wearing lipstick?" Dennis: "My lips got cold..." he...
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    Dok Phai Ban

    Dok Phai Ban: Does anyone know if this is just a music video, or is it a movie too? Because I heard that it was just a music video but others have said that it is also a movie. Just wondering, thanks.
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    "Damn it!" She thought he wouldn't be back until next week. Why the hell is he here, and smirking like nothing went on. She put on her smile and pretend to be happy the sneaky bastard was here. "Dennis, I thought you were still in Korea curing the ill children in the cold mountains, why are you...
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    Ann Thongprasom, the famous matchmaker in Thailand has brought together more couples than fate can keep up with. Her famous company, "Finding Your True Love" is expanding quickly. She studied in America since high school so she could learn to run her own business. Now at the age of twenty three...
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    Garden Of Hades

    Bellefire! Get your author's writing butt back here and go on with the story! I want to read I want to read! Please update when you can! :yahoo: I want to keep reading!
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    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    Jum Leuy Ruk Page
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    Studying for my APUSH Test Friday! Can't wait to get APUSH over with. :)

    Studying for my APUSH Test Friday! Can't wait to get APUSH over with. :)
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    Millionaire Love

    Hey Ceci, can you tell me the different clips you used to make this music video? Thanks.
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    Millionaire Love

    Chinkywinky! Get your little writing behind back here and finish this wonderful story! I've been watching the fan video for the 1000th time now wondering what will happen next! Please update soon! <3
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    Serving You

    Nadech showed Yaya around the house. It was a grand place, when she first came to Aff's house she couldn't believe how big it was. Aum's place was just as beautiful. As she awed at the scenery, Nadech brought her to her room. She looked inside, it was big enough for five people! She went into...
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    [Ch3] Plerng Boon (Makers Group)

    I hope Aff does not take the n'rai role! I can't imagine her playing this character.
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    Taking the ACT

    Thank you for the wonderful advice!
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    Taking the ACT

    Ladies! I am taking the ACT on April 9th (next Saturday)! I'm freaking out! For those who have taken it, how was it? What was the hardest part?
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    Serving You

    Lol. Yes, that is what I had intended for them to do. :lol2:
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    Serving You

    The next morning when Aff woke up she didn't see Aum, there was blood on the bed she remembered what happened last night. Now she felt ashamed, how could she let that happen?! Aff! You let a man... The door opened and Aum entered, "So, you aren't so innocent as you look." He raised his eyebrows...
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    Serving You

    Aff was struggling to sign the contract. She took one look at the marriage license and signed it. While Aum was waiting impatiently as his bride sign the god damn paper so he can have her. He poured himself a drink and gazed out the window so he wouldn’t be tempted to rip her out of that wedding...