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  1. tinarukter

    Bangkok Kung Fu

    Does anybody know where I can watch that??
  2. tinarukter

    Black Jack

    Haha I never heard of his old group Nice 2 Meet U because I didn't pay attention to them. But MAN is Jack a sexy one! hahaha I was wondering if anyone had pictures of him or know where I can find some?
  3. tinarukter


    Does anyone know why there isn't a thai music category anymore? How would I get to it now? Or is it gone? O.0
  4. tinarukter

    Golf Mike LBF 2 also FULL HOUSE 2 and..

    wow i just figured out a week ago when they posted Love Beyond Frontier 2! so im guessing it just aired and so far has two or more episodes. i am definetely watching that..for them and toey and peak cuz i like them too :D but i have to finish up my other lakorns first like Pinky and New's i...
  5. tinarukter

    What is this..;content=85088 what is that about? are they dating? NOOO i love vee!
  6. tinarukter

    Sawan Being;content=85570 i haven't started watching it yet i'm pretty sure its good though! but seriously hopefully ken's wife doesnt get mad or something. i would feel weird if my husband was an actor and getting to hug and kiss other girls you know.
  7. tinarukter

    Me Again (please read)

    Still searching on THAIRATH entertainment section lol. Go here:;content=85700 that DOES NOT look like paula. wow cant believe she took that kinda pic. but i gotta admit she got a nice body. i bet they edited her boobs and stuff though im pretty...
  8. tinarukter

    Random Subject

    Yea I was just lookin around in the entertainment area of THAIRATH and my mom showed me this:;content=84847 it says mike likes natalie. at first i didn't remember her until my mom said it was natalie from NATALIE AND JAZKY! DANG has she changed...
  9. tinarukter

    OMG GOOFIE (Golf aka Pichaya Nitipaisalkul)

    LOOK WHAT I FOUND. it wouldn't let me post the picture.. actually i don't know how in HERE because im usually use to the way they do it on myspace. but if anyone knows how to post a picture please tell me. but hopefully this link works if you want to see it go here...