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  1. thedimpleduck

    relocating to Phoenix, AZ

    Hi peoples... So I'm movin to Phoenix...any locals in Phoenix know of any lao stores/places to see/things to do???
  2. thedimpleduck

    new iphone 4g: yay or nay? who's in line for the new iphone 4g?!!! are you a fan or is there another phone that you like better? comments, quirks, suggestions, ratings for everyone?
  3. thedimpleduck

    help! lao store/pho restaurant in Minneapolis/St. Paul

    hi! I need help...does anyone know where there are any lao stores/restaurants AND where I can find a good pho restaurant in Minneapolis/St. Paul area?
  4. thedimpleduck

    New Year's Eve!

    what are y'all doing for new year's eve/new year's?? anyone in Fresno...know anywhere that's gonna be poppin? if you do, let a girl know!
  5. thedimpleduck

    your favorite forum/which do you think is the BEST?!

    So...I've come across a lot of forums over the years, and you know when you helllaaaaaaa search for a good one to be a part of/to visit EVERYDAY/to practically make part of your life.. (haha, admit it...we all know it's true of all of us) What's your favorite one? And which one do...
  6. thedimpleduck

    who loves Jay Chou....???????

    say "IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" "Still Fantasy" is OUT!! go grab a copy! it's gooooooooooooooood...a little different, but still got a mix of everything.
  7. thedimpleduck

    buachompoo's "wong glom" video

    o my goodness..i think i'm in love. hahaaaa anyone know who the guy in the video is??!!!