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  1. thedimpleduck

    relocating to Phoenix, AZ

    Hi peoples... So I'm movin to Phoenix...any locals in Phoenix know of any lao stores/places to see/things to do???
  2. thedimpleduck

    new iphone 4g: yay or nay?

    I love touch screen... haha. I don't know...I think I might do it, despite the fact that I love love HTC products...ah. I guess I'm into the hype too...and I wanna see my peeps when I talk to them LOL
  3. thedimpleduck

    new iphone 4g: yay or nay? who's in line for the new iphone 4g?!!! are you a fan or is there another phone that you like better? comments, quirks, suggestions, ratings for everyone?
  4. thedimpleduck

    Vill Wonarot [Freshy Girl]

    she reminds me of Bua Chompoo. miss her!
  5. thedimpleduck

    Peter Corp Dyrendal

    what a tease!!!!
  6. thedimpleduck

    keke, i got it, thank you thank you :)

    keke, i got it, thank you thank you :)
  7. thedimpleduck

    Lakorns with a horrible ending/left you haning

    i can think of a horrible ending it's waaaaaaaaaay old. it's called "Gua ja teung wun nun" the pra'ek of it has kinda disappeared from the scene, and the nang'ek now plays nang'rai in recent lakorns. (she was the girl in "pee neung peuan gun..." w/ Oil, Tao and Ann) the story line...
  8. thedimpleduck

    Mak prin & Barry nadech's Blog

    woohoo! :)
  9. thedimpleduck

    50 things your not supposed to know!

    puahahahaa... you should check out the history channel's history of sex. origins = India, China, Japan. hahahaaaaaaa. us asians started it all. the white folk just follow LMAO (no racism/prejudice intended*)
  10. thedimpleduck

    rember the good old days on sarnworld

    lol, remember when sarnworld first wasn't even that big! <------- !!!! it's amazing to see how much it's grown. this is the POWER of our love for lakorns...and great ideas :D
  11. thedimpleduck

    Working Internationally

    i'm pretty sure it is! English is a universal language. if you do work abroad programs, the main language you need to know is English, however it gives you the opportunity to learn the language of whatever country you go to!
  12. thedimpleduck

    Mak Prin & Mint Natwara in Pappayon Buntenrg

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaah :) I think-er I'm-er in love-r with him!
  13. thedimpleduck

    Punch Worakarn: Good Girl Idol

    cute, but LMAO!!! the shoes are so big for her!!!!
  14. thedimpleduck

    Sririta Jensen [Crystal Magic]

    so different...i dont know how to feel about some of the hair in these pics...
  15. thedimpleduck

    Piny Savika: Sexy Spicy Girl

    very pretty in the red dresses
  16. thedimpleduck

    Kwan Usamanee

    i'm not a big fan of hers, but I have to agree. these are great pictures
  17. thedimpleduck

    Cheer Tikumporn [Chic&Smart]

    not my favorite of hers. she looks all sad and sullen, nothing like her usual happy-go-lucky mood. eh. emo's not a good look for her >_<
  18. thedimpleduck

    Poo Praiya [Money Me]

    picture #3 no good. I can already see photo-shopping nightmares going wrong with this open-mouthed pose. :X
  19. thedimpleduck

    Aff Taksaorn, Aum Atichart, Tah Warit

    HOOOOOOOOOOOT! my eyes are burning from the heat. (in a good way) yowsers!! of course Aum has to be in the middle, with Tah draped over him lol i think i see some butt cleavage goin' on. yaaaaaaaooooooo!! **sizzle sizzle**