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    Char's pics

    Welcome to my album. Here are some pictures from my one month and a half trip in Taiwan : Tickets Business ? Yes ! I'm not supposed to get this kind of seat but during the check-in procedure, the Taiwanese university was printed on my visa and the guy told me he's reserved a good seat for...
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    Xc's Works

    Hi and welcome here :). Hope you'll enjoy these graphics. 2005 : Muse - Plug In Baby (Re-worked 2007) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2005 : Tatsurou (from MUCC) (First drawing) 2005 : Re-worked with Photoshop. 2007 ...
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    Xc's Selection

    Hi and welcome here :). Hope you'll enjoy my "work". At the moment, I'm on school holidays, so I have time to up some stuffs. Xc - 29/12/2006 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aria, You can find here 2 more albums of Tai Orrathai...