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    Photoshop help and Rmvb splitter help

    When my computer was formate, i lost my photoshop and cannot the dvd program ..i lost it so right now i need to use but i don't have the program have many link torrent for photoshop but i dunno what link should i download i want to have again my...
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    Hanazakari no Kimitachi E ~ ikemen paradise ~ [Discussion tread]

    YAY!! i forgot to make a tread here o.o omg how can i forgot that !!! well this a Japanese version from HanaKimi Taiwanese version with Shun, Maki, Toma, Hiro .... i didn't sleep 3 july just waiting this serie ...omg!! when it's out from Youtube i was O.O omg kyaa and got the torrent and...
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    Summer X Summer [new serie]

    It's from a manga ''Nice Summer" by Yachi Emiko from wiki-addicts Episode 01 release soft sub by us Intangible FS can find here tread and soft sub torrent here ^^
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    Naruto Shippuuden [Second Part for Naruto]

    O.O The most popular anime serie and don't have a tread for o.o well today is out the First episode for the second part for Naruto if you dunno what is Naruto ... o.o humm well Naruto finish with 220 episodes [god finally no more fillers ..i was die because that] and now it's a real story...
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    My Boss, My Hero [JDRAMA] THE BEST 2006

    Sakaki "Tornado" Makio (Nagase Tomoya), the tough 27 year-old young master wakagashira (young master) of the Kantou Sharp Fang yakuza family loves alcohol, fighting, women and pudding. However, he is a high school drop-out. In addition he is illiterate, extremely bad at math and cannot even...
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    Tokyo Juliet

    Yay one a top serie taiwanese coming this year and and currently be sub into english come support us in d-addicts ^^ story: Lin Lai Sui has her design "Daisy" stolen by the designer Zhu Xing when she was 5 years old. Lai Sui swore that she will not fall...