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    Hmong Dance Songs

    Hey there, I was just wondering if anyone knew any good HMONG songs for those circle dances? Thank you.
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    Swordsman II

    Does anyone know what the hmong title of "Swordsman II" is? I'm trying to look for the movie.
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    Hmong Version of Leaving No Trace

    I was wondering if anyone knew the Hmong song to Teresa Teng's "Leaving No Trace". I can't figure out what the title was or who was the singer, it's at the tip of my tongue but it's just not coming to me. Thank you!
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    Dok Phai Ban

    Dok Phai Ban: Does anyone know if this is just a music video, or is it a movie too? Because I heard that it was just a music video but others have said that it is also a movie. Just wondering, thanks.
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    Ann Thongprasom, the famous matchmaker in Thailand has brought together more couples than fate can keep up with. Her famous company, "Finding Your True Love" is expanding quickly. She studied in America since high school so she could learn to run her own business. Now at the age of twenty three...
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    Taking the ACT

    Ladies! I am taking the ACT on April 9th (next Saturday)! I'm freaking out! For those who have taken it, how was it? What was the hardest part?
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    Serving You

    Introduction She knew it had to be done. She signed the contract already and they already came this far. She heard the bathroom door open; he was leaning against the door and unbuttoning his cuffs. “Well let the show begin.” She swallowed and tried to breathe calmly. Her hands slowly pulled the...
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    Home Remedies for Dandruff

    [We should have a beauty tips section!] Anyways, do you guys have any home remedies for dandruff? I researched it and people suggested Tea Tree Oil but I've never tried it before so I'm not sure if I should use it. What have you guys tried?
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    Song Title

    Ladies, do any of you know the name of the song starting at 4:35? It's from Dao Pra Sook. Song
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    Deleting Music From Phone

    Is there any way to delete the default music in a cellphone? I have a Nokia 5130 Xpress Music and I really want to delete the default music but every time I try it fails, so is there any way or you can't delete it at all?
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    Name of a Song

    Does anyone know what is the name of this song? I know the song, I just can't pinpoint the artist and title. Thank you! Song
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    Dating Someone Older

    What do you girls think about dating someone older than you by 10 years? I have my limits to be 5 or 6 years older but 10? I don't know...I know some of my cousins married people older than them like that but the couple looks about the same age but what if it's like 15 and 24? Is it safe to go...
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    The Alluring Vixen

    ***This is only an introduction, my beginning may not go with the title right now I'll write more on the story later but now I need to get back to my typing. Enjoy!*** "No they will not live with us. They will live in that old shack that is meant for them." "But...." "Or do you want to live...
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    Choosing A College

    I've been given some choices for college but I don't know how to really chose a good one with me. I've been looking at some, Winona State University, St.Kate's, Drake University, Hamline University, Luther College,and University of Minnesota Morris. Have any of you heard anything about these...
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    Club Aff T-Shirt

    Ladies, is anyone else buying a t-shirt?! I signed up for one but I'm confused on the payment policy, does anyone know or done it before? Thanks. Link to payment: Club Shirt Payment Payment terms & conditions Payment timeline: February 15-19 , 2010 :"( คำพูด: Transfer fund (or remittance )...
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    Help! Music Video Problem

    I don't know if this question has been answered yet but I'm trying to make a music video and my Windows Movie Maker is not working. Every time I put in a song it always has a problem, I downloaded AVS Video Editor 4 and it keeps pausing leaving me to lose my work. Does anyone have any other...
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    Need Some Opinion

    I was wondering does it really work if you pray to your ancestors asking for help?
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    Need Help

    PLEASE HELP ME! I want to ask whoever went to the MN Hmong New Year 2010 can you please help me, I know maybe this may seem useless but I don't know what else to do. I was sitting in row G section 220 at the River Centre I lost a camera, I don't know what kind it is because it is my uncles, I...
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    Our Dirty Little Secret || Aum & Aff ||

    Chapter One: 1945 Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia were in a war over the Philippines Island. Many great resources lays within the rice terrace with easy transportation to Japan and across to the U.S.A. The war started in 1930, Thailand and Laos were allies for an amount of time but in 1939...
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    Nathalie Wong: The Guzheng Player

    Part One: ***Anticipating for Namtan Mai I got an idea to write a short story for the ATEAM. Enjoy! Aum entered his hotel, everyone greets him. Sasi: "Good evening Mr.Atichart." Aum: "Evening Sasi, how is everything going?" Sasi: "Fine Mr.Atichart." He heard someone singing Aum stop to listen...