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    Help with Chinese movie name

    Hi guys! I been trying to find this movie for the longest!! Anyways I do know now that the male lead is alex fong Chung sun! Please help!!
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    [Ch3] Narkee (Act Art) : Ken Phupoom/ Taew Nattaporn

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know if this drama will be subbed?? I been waiting for this drama for so long therefore if anyone knows please share!! I will greatly appreciate it.
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    Help with Chinese movie name

    Hi everyone,    I don't really remember the story line but I'm trying to look for a movie that came out probably in the 90s. Its about how the actor is a realtor and also is trying to look for his wife or gf who ran away from home at the same time.  His boss tells him to check up on a house that...