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    Events happening in November

    Does anyone know any events such as fan meeting, concerts, special events that will occur on the month of November in Thailand? I would like to know so I can choose and book the ticket(s) on time.
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    help write and translate this song

    artist is not thai can someone help write the Romanization lyric and translate in English for me? thks adv       links:   also, to play the song u have to click the play button on the right side where it's listed...
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    remake of a thai boran

    Please help me pass my message to ch.7 to get them to remake "Malai Tong?" it's been more than two decades that i have waited for this movie to be remake. but i still see no sign of this. I think that this thai boran deserves a remake because of its good storyline of the main girl. I just don't...
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    next boran ???

    does anyone know what the next boran after "Golden Doll" is or going to be? cuz this one is getting boring will the next one be a remake or a new script? wanna prep myself before hand so when it does come out i'll know how to react whether to be disappoint again and again or happy and whether...
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    help me find a drama does a.o. know a.k.a. to this drama? cuz i wanna watch it w/ eng sub it has the thai artists: chin & ice in the drama as special guests i found in yt but it was orgi w/ chi sub
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    Nok Gah Wao

    does anyone know where i can find this song and lyrics w/ eng sub and translation? also, wat does "nok gak wao" mean? if can't find, can s.o. write out the romanization and translation tgt for me so i can try to read it myself? can s.o. give me the thai name of "nok gah wao" so i can also look...
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    Need Help burning DVD videos

    okay... I have a chinese movies format avi. and sub srt. I want to burn the video and sub tgt but can't, no matter which DVD Burn I use also, i've tried changing the format of the video and sub too and no use so far, I've use the -WMV DVD BURNER - Nero DVD BURNER - ALL SUB MAKING - CYBER/...
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    what's after Pla boo tong?

    cuz the drama's getting stupid?
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    where can i buy thai celebrities posters from? esp. New Wongsakorn?
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    help translate

    wat does "jao kum nai win" mean in thai? and how to do say "she's your jao kum nai win" in thai?
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    nang paya prai

    hea's the site
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    req for subbings

    sen...seur winyan seur ruk, jao ying morlun zing, and nang barb i would appreciate if any of u groups will be willing to sub these dramas for me
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    List all the borans you've seen?

    if listed, just write "all" and list the ones I miss as for the ones you haven't seen, put " * " and list the title nang sib song prasutong manora nang praiya prey malai tong yor pra klin bla boo tong pet roon fai tepshin intrajak nam jai mae sung tong bua kaew jakrote mane nopa gaow gro pet...
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    2 hmong song - female singer (both)

    hmoob toj roob hais lus hmoob ua ke
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    Tsim Yeeb Thaij & Yeeb Yaj Yuam

    hea's the song i upl it just want to share one is louder than the other so audio differ choose the one tat best fits u
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    Ntsa Iab MV #2 & 3

    does anyone here have the two movies? i've look all over the hmong new year states but found none never made a call cuz hmong prod. these days get sue too much tat they put fake phones on the movies now so i hoope taht s.o. gives me an answer soon p.s. if u do have the two movies and...