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  1. Muddie Murda

    How was your Thanksgiving?

    I know I'm late but Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday because family close and far get to come together to cook and eat :D please share your photos and stories! Especially FOODDDD! This year was one of my favorites. Got to be around all the people I love and cherish and people I...
  2. Muddie Murda

    Thai Medicine Label

    Can someone read the name in the box for me? I can read some Thai but if it's in a different font, then it makes it hard. Thank you :D
  3. Muddie Murda

    SCAMMER ALERT: buklaoboi360

    It has been reported that buklaoboi360 has scammed a few people already. He buys items and then once he receives the item, he files for fraud with his credit card, then sellers lose money AND they are fined a $10 charge back fee. His name is Chris Bone. All his other info is listed below...
  4. Muddie Murda

    Hmong's Tales and Stories

    For some reason, when Hmong tell their ghost stories of events that happens, it's quite exciting and scary at the same time! It might be because most Hmong parents and grandparents had lived in the jungle in their younger days and a lot of events occur there. It might also be because of the...
  5. Muddie Murda

    Canceling Sprint Contract

    Hi! For all upset Sprint users who have corporate discounts (discount because of your work place), now is your chance to cancel without a termination fee! I just found out about it today and the last day to cancel it is TODAY 09/27/2010! Sprint executive analyst says, "...effective August...
  6. Muddie Murda

    [Request] Sawan Bieng DVD

    :D I'm too late to purchase the official set so I'm wondering if someone out there has an Official Sawan Bieng starring Ken & Anne that they want to sell? :D Or if you know of a place where I can get the official set or someone who has it and want to sell? I don't care if it's used as long as...
  7. Muddie Murda

    Film & Lee Da Hae

    :lol: I just thought it was funny because Film is saying all this and that about getting very close w/ Lee Da Hae (Korean actress) and they are "talking." And when asked if they are dating, he goes "oh we're just friends" and that he doesn't know what will happen in the future with her...Then...
  8. Muddie Murda

    Selling/Trading Section?

    Basically, I want a section because I want to encourage people to sell their old stuff so I can buy it. Haha :D It's also a good opportunity to sell lakorns and stuff...except um, I don't think we're going to allow pirated stuff. Now the cons are: There could be this is all at...
  9. Muddie Murda

    Who's still using IE 6 or lower?

    Anyone still using the old Internet Explorer 6 or a lower version? If you're not sure, click on "Help" and then "About Internet Explorer." Just wondering, because I'm making graphics and they're not compatible with IE 6 or older. If it seems like a lot still uses IE 6 or lower then I'm...
  10. Muddie Murda


    I'm back into my blogging phase. I used to do websites but...*lazy* :D Anyway, anybody have a blog and/or website they'll like to share? And don't mind me if I add you onto my blog's affiliate list :D I just like to collect. Tee-hee. Here's mine: Http://
  11. Muddie Murda

    Twitter anyone?

    Anyone uses twitter? :D Just wondering. I've been using it for a few months but it's getting quiet...for me at least. :D Well! Look me up and I'll do the same for you!
  12. Muddie Murda

    sarNie record

    So Darvil wanted to compete. He says he's #2 in meeting the most sarNies. Haha :P So, how many sarNies have you met offline, face-to-face? :D I've met up with: -Pa -Joey -Lekkie -KT -Sarah -Reagan -Stima I think that's it. It's a dangerous mission.
  13. Muddie Murda

    Sung Tong VCD

    Hey :D Anyone selling VCD of Sung Tong? My mom really liked the boran lakorn. e_e so expensive because there's SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many parts...anyone selling at a lower price? :D
  14. Muddie Murda

    New Year Resolution 2009

    Hello all! I hope you guys had a bless 2008 year like I had! I was blessed tohave my niece come into the world! I love her soooo much! Got to meet up with Pa (Anti-Hmong, that's her username here). Got to see my Grandmother. Got a new car! Got a great job! Doing good in school and feeling so...
  15. Muddie Murda

    Happy Friggin' Birthday Darvil

    DON'T LET DARVIL COME IN THIS THREAD. THAT FREAKING AHO! Well! As we all know, special people deserve special threads....(I expect one... LOL JK) So.... Happy Birthday Darvil. You've been a great ass kicking admin and meanie. You rock at all things you do...except being nice. Which is not a...
  16. Muddie Murda

    July 4th in MN

    Hey guys! Does any of you all know the contact info for getting a booth at July 4th in MN?? :D Thanks!!
  17. Muddie Murda


    I'm so desperate for a job...but I'm picky :( I'm still a student w/ hardly any experience. The only choice I seem to have is food/restuarant places since they hire anyone, but I have a retarded hand that can't touch water much, so I have to keep it as dry as I can. Retail, I'm scared to work...
  18. Muddie Murda

    Downloading things w/ Thai Titles

    Hey guys! I know most of ya'll DL from Dedeman's stuff and other stuff in the BM! I'm not sure if it's just me, but all the files that I DL that has Thai titles saves as ________ instead of the actual Thai titles. For example: File Name: คนที่รั�เธอ - ฟลุ๊ค...
  19. Muddie Murda

    Taking Care of The Bill

    Whenever I'm with someone and we go out to either eat or shop, I usually always pay for everything because I force others to not pay. Like, I race to give them my debit card, or if someone else takes care of the bill, I stuff the money into their bag or something. (Except when I was in Cali and...
  20. Muddie Murda

    Random Survey

    Are these allowed? Hahahaha I dunno, but I just like filling out surveys :D If ya'll like it too, fill it out too, but make a topic for each different survey...or i dunno, do whatever you want. :D post here, whatever :D ----- 1. Name a quote from the song you're listening to? "If you're...