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  1. zienan09

    Hmong Superstitions

    im sorry if a topic like this has been posted.. but i was just suddenly curious..what are some hmong superstitions? do you kno any of the particular last names? some superstitions i kno: --don't point at the moon, or ur ear will get cut (i've heard both ways that it can be true/ dad's...
  2. zienan09

    my problem =(

    Hi Sarnies! ^-^ i was hoping u all could help me with a piece of problem in my life..ehehe. its being heavy on my heart and i cant concentrate in my first year of college =( and i hate it cuz i know my parents will be disappointed in me when they find hopefully you guys can have some...
  3. zienan09

    Love...Is It Possible Again?

    hi! kinda new i hope u read a bit of my writing..tho its not the best..nor is it finished lol. i have two fanfics..and i;ve written some one shots before..buts.. i started this story a long time ago..except i had a major writer's block..and then i just kinda left this for...