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    What a disappointing snoozer :nono1:
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    i like the twist at the end too I watched the Tamil version also. but OMG i sooo did not like that version this Hindi version makes more sense to me
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    Mayura's PORP PEE

    can i just buy it from you in dvd format instead? :) I dont know how to upload lakorns
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    Mayura's PORP PEE

    Sajenna, would u be able to post a link to link me to the media section? thank you
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    This was surprising a good movie. once you get past the first cheesy 15minutes of the movie. It is a very romantic movie. Salman, looks his best here. :)
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    Do you have MAYURA's PORP PEE with ann sirium and saranyu...
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    Mayura's PORP PEE

    Does anyone know where i can buy a DVD version of the old porp pee by MAYURA with ann sirium and saranyu?
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    DL indian music

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    Sam Yuranan

    has anyone every seen this lakorn with him it called GAOW (uploaded by latdal)? I just happened to see part of it on you tube and its looks interesting. I think he is a reaper or something. there is also a more recently series with him and mam kathaleeya. anyone know what is about?
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    Jodha Akbar [MOVIE]

    Overall it is a must see movie mostly because it is the most expensive bollywood movie ever made! the romance between jodha & jalalludin (laer named akbar) was so sweet. ;) Everything was magnificent from the battle scenes & the buildings to the clothes. The only cons of the movie is that...
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    Koffee with Karan

    I found this channel on YOUTUBE where the user uploaded all the episodes of KOFFEE WITH KARAN. both seasons!!! ENJOY
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    who do you think is shahrukh's best female costar?

    Supposedly since the Chalte Chalte & AISH with salman khan fiasco, SRK has refused to work with AiSH again. I like SRK with KAJOL best. But he can look good with anyone. =) he is just sooo convincing =)
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    Katreeya English

    Anybody have any updates on Katreeya English? is she releasing a new album or more importantly is she releasing a lakorn soon? I miss her =)!
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    Waen Dok Mai(Tv Scene)

    this lakorn is underrated! It was so sweet, lighthearted and funny. =) loved it!
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    Aaja Nachle

    this movie is definitely a MUST SEEE!!!!! Its an awesome movie!! I loved it!!! KUNAL Kapoor and KANKANA were flawless in it!!! 8/10!
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    Jodha Akbar [MOVIE]

    it will come out to san jose, california theater on february 15th!!!!
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    JamLeuy Rak - Likit's version

    it was translated by 'chlang daen' right? i vaguely remember it.
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    Aaja Nachle

    thank you so much for the review! =) I'll definitely be seeing this movie now =). I love Kunal! =) well madhuri too he he =)
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    Buy Bollywood Movies...??

    i love very reliable. u can probably do a google search to get 10% off or free shipping codes