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    What a disappointing snoozer :nono1:
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    This was surprising a good movie. once you get past the first cheesy 15minutes of the movie. It is a very romantic movie. Salman, looks his best here. :)
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    Mayura's PORP PEE

    Does anyone know where i can buy a DVD version of the old porp pee by MAYURA with ann sirium and saranyu?
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    Katreeya English

    Anybody have any updates on Katreeya English? is she releasing a new album or more importantly is she releasing a lakorn soon? I miss her =)!
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    Junpow Klatch Kai Juvai Klatch Jet (mayura dubbed) -pat & nutt

    I'm watching this series on you tube. it is sooo LAUGH OUT LOUD funny =) its one of my top 3 fav series this year :)
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    LAAGA CHUNARI MEIN DAAG (Rani & Abhishek)

    I was a little skeptical about this movie when i read the plot but went to go watch the movie anyways. This movie is awesome!! It makes u laugh and cry. ALL about girl power! Rani (as always) did an amazing job! and abhishek is OOBER HOT! oh and Kunal Kapoor (chutki's love interest) is also...
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    besdong sila

    what is besdong sila about?
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    MP3: Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar

    Just watched this today. I was very impressed by it. IT is a very innocent, simple, sweet look at first love. Its about high school love. Both the main characters (Ruslaan & Hazel) are new and they both have a lot of potential! =)
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    I didn't get to watch it last nite. how is the new stock?
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    I just watched this movie on dvd last nite and it so ostentatious & hilarious!!
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    10% off at code

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    Just saw it. Its a bit on the silly side but I LOVE!! the songs! EVERY single one! Its definitely worth watching. In this movie u get to see Abhishek in a more country/rugged look. Its about 2 people who are waiting to pick up their fiances at a train station. And each are boasting about...
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    Any good Khmer dubbed thai series out recently that were good?

    I am planning to buy some khmer dubbed thai series off of the ntry and mayura website. do you guys have any recommendations? (so far I've just watched Ptak Sni Rissaya with chakrit and bee, which was pretty good) :D
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    Dhoom 2

    I saw this movie in the theaters yesterday and I LOVED IT!!! There was comedy, action! lots of eye candy :drool: and loved the music & dancing! This second one focuses more on Hrithik than Abhishek. Aish did an okay job in the movie. I didn't like her in the 1st few scenes she was in cuz...
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    Umrao Jaan (2006)

    Saw the movie today at the NAZ 8 theater. Pros: Aish did a great job portraying her character, the costumes and sets were so colorful and pretty, some of the songs are very beautiful in a classic old school kind of way Cons: I thought the movie was waaaay tooo long! there were like 6 or 7...
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    Jaaneman showing in Selected American theaters

    Jaaneman is showing in Selected American theaters. for example in my area they are showig it at the Rheem theater in Moraga, CA