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    Wan and Pim

    Credit to: CiNNtv1 Another couple down the drain...Damn. Oh well best of luck to both of them...
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    Nadia had her baby!

    Congrats to them both! They had a baby boy! I wanna ask though...when did she announce she was preggo? Anyone know? IT was so felt like yesterday they just got married. credit to: CiNNtv1
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    Have you guys heard? They've broken up...I like Pancake just not with Mr. Arak. CREDIT TO:sw33tpancake
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    Mai Davika Horne and Marisa Horne

    Are these two related?? Saw that they have the last name?
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    [Ch7] Look Poochai Mai Ta Pode (Kantana)

    Don't know if there's a topic on this already... But does anyone have any news on this lakorn??
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    Girl at Paula Taylor Wedding

    Does anyone have a picture of Stephanie Cattaleya Hill? People say she outshone the girls at Paula's Wedding (of course not the bride though). They also said that she is half Thai half Canadian? Any pics?
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    Peck, Aof, Ice together AGAIN?

    I absolutely loved these three together. They help bring out each others' personalities even more. I read somewhere that they might get back together because the feedback was so good. They are all so talented! I love it when they sing loog-thoong. ICE---always so fresh and energized! and love...
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    pinky as third hand?

    I don't know if there is a post of this already but I just wanted to say that I don't know what to believe about this supposed "love" triangle. I don't think the dude is worth fighting over anyways. Pinky starts crying on television---i don't know if she is for real or what? wanna believe her...