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  1. KEdoubleNY

    Playing .FLV in WMP

    If you have problems playing .FLV files with Window Media Player, than do the following. 1. Download .FLV player 2. Download FFDSHOW if you want to play the .flv file in Window Media Player...
  2. KEdoubleNY

    'CAN'T FOWARD' fixed!

    I notice a lot of file that are share here, some of them we can't fast-forward when we want to. It's not the uploader false or broken file or link. It's how the file was indexed. Anyways, here's a fix for it. 1. Download and install Window Media Encoder 9 Series...
  3. KEdoubleNY

    Lakorn DVDs

    Anybody interested in downloading thai lakorns full-set dvd for free? I'm not sure how good the quality is, I'm guessing its DVD quality. It's from a torrent site and most files are 10gb plus. Free to register. Just shoot me a message and I'll invite. But you must have a fast connection...
  4. KEdoubleNY


    I been using this uploading site hotfile for awhile now and it seem pretty good. No pop-ups. Your files don't get deleted unless its a copyright issue. Upload speed is about the same as megaupload if not faster. A bit slower that mediafire but mediafire starting to have pop-ups now. The only...
  5. KEdoubleNY

    Mystery Shopper Scam

    Just recently I received this in my p.o. box. It's a new type of scam from Canada. Beware and Be Careful. Tell all your relatives, friends, co-workers, etc. I attached a pictures on what the letter and the FAKE cashier check look like.
  6. KEdoubleNY gettin g@y

    Been couple weeks now and haven't put back the Chinese Series, Thai Movies, and a few other thai series and sitcom. I wonder what is wrong. I e-mail them and they say they were having copyright issue or something. Suck when you don't have much to watch ;) ;) Anyone else...
  7. KEdoubleNY

    Lao Family slain in NC

    Any one hear about this. It happen in North Carolina. I feel so bad for the family esp. that little boy. Authorities: 100 leads in slain NC family case, gun may have ties to Minnesota CONOVER, N.C. – Brian Tzeo lived in a refugee camp in Laos before emigrating to the U.S. for a better...
  8. KEdoubleNY

    Gunman open fire at Northern Illinois University

    Anyone heard about this. I saw it on the news while having break at work. Full-Story here .. ... you can't be safe anywhere now ... mall, school, church, city hall ... and your own house. Crazy mofo now-a-dayz
  9. KEdoubleNY

    KEdoubleNY'z H00D

    I won't be posting mp3s, or album .. unless someone request. This h00d will be mostly for Chinese series (thai dubbed) and maybe some Thai series as well. Here the first series I'm working on .. MongKonYok aka Love of the Condor Hero 2006 aka Return of the Condor Hero 2006. Synopsis...
  10. KEdoubleNY

    Captain UHT sitcom lakorn

    Anyone wanna watch this sitcom 'Barn Nee Mee Ruk' It star Captain UHT and some other people (which I don't know their name) It air every Saturday like the other sitcom.
  11. KEdoubleNY

    Favorite OST of 2007

    Share your Favorite 2007 OST. The ones you think were good. Mines would be .. #1 Tui AF - Fiang Takieng Gub Tawun OST PooGong YodRuk #2 Bee Namthip - Ying Glied Ying Kit Thung (belive that is the song) OST .. forgot the lakorn name LoL #3 Big A$$ - Phom Likid OST (forgot the title of...
  12. KEdoubleNY

    Soo Cruel

    I got this in my pvt msg. Anyways I use to moderate a site before and I know about all that rulez ****. I created a new topic asking for a song in Kom Kon *WHICH I KNOW* there's one already somewhere in the site but I was too LAZY to look for it because it was 3am in the morning (yea its my...