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    Twisted Fate: Teaser

    CHAPTER ONE “Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.” CHAPTER TWO “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” CHAPTER THREE “We always deceive ourselves twice about the people we love - first to their...
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    Synopsis The sisters came from a rich family, a wealthy background. However, they were only sisters by blood. Their personalities couldn't be more different than each other. And then Daniel comes along into Aerin's life. Arada, seeing the two flirt, grows to hate Daniel's guts more than anything...
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    Precious Stones: Chapter One

    Precious Stones Forbidden love. Wild love. Unexpected love. The Princesses Jade portrayed by Noon Known for her straight-forward attitude and strictness. Sapphire portrayed by Pinky Known for her stubborn behavior and signature smile. Opal portrayed by Pancake Known for her outgoingness and...
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    Aum clarifies news about breakup

    do not re-post anywhere. credits There were news that you and Pinky broke up? It's more like alone time for each of us to think things through. Have you guys been away from each other for long? Nearly a month already. The reason for your distance from each other? It's probably...
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    Nightshift: CHAPTER2

    Nightshift Characters Arisa Tararith & Daniel Choi Genre Drama, romance, & a bit of comedy. Synopsis She was the richest out of all her friends, then something unexpected happens. She is forced to take a nightshift, but what now? Everything now. She is forced to become things she never...
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    BETRAYAL: Updated 06.06.09

    BETRAYAL Beauty from the outside, but horrible inside. Characters Aerin "Honey" Sakulrat Nondhawat "Kris" Rithanan Synopsis Honey Sakulrat was always known for her badgirl behaviour and constant headline news. Besides, what was a hiso to do but stir trouble and have hangovers? However, when...
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    Facing Reality: Chapter 3

    Facing Reality She has made dreams come true. But she never thought of being the bride to a wedding herself. Genre Romance, drama, and comedy. Characters Introductions to the main characters. Arisa Chayanan & Pawit Kanjananuch Famous wedding planner vs. wealthy business owner. Portrayed by...
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    ATTN: Pinky & Pancake Fans

    Ok, so P'Thip and I decided to merge Pinky's and Pancake's forum :)
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    Scandalous Lives: Chapter Five

    Scandalous Lives Leila Scott portrayed by Chompoo Araya Known for her straight-forward "don't mess with me or else" attitude. Bua Chaipanitch portrayed by Aff Taksaorn Known for her shyness and forgiving nature. Tasnee Burapachaisri portrayed by Pinky Savika Known for clumsiness and the...
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    Love vs. Duty: CHAPTER2

    Love vs. Duty Aff T. | Aum A. | Pinky S. | Siwon C. Irynn Anders She was known as DA, or Dream Angel. She was a secret agent, a spy for the government. It was her duty to expose every doing of the Chitpong family. But when she arrives in Bangkok, she is reluctant to believe the truth: the heir...
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    In Your Heart: COMPLETED*

    In Your Heart Genre Romance | Drama | Comedy Summary So then it happened. She had ripped his heart out time after time 'till there was nothing left he could ever do to glue it back together again. Her smile, her laughter, lingered in his memory. So then when his cousin comes back, everything...
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    Forever In Your Eyes: CHAPTER4

    Forever In Your Eyes Pinky S. | Kwang F. | Pancake K. | Vier S. | Tengneung K. | Win T. (kwang fahrung yuttithum, miss thailand universe 2007) Genre Drama | Romance | Comedy Summary There was a reason for the triple break up. Something that none of them are wanting to believe really...
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    Ruk Tae Gae Dai [Dara VDO]

    credits to p'mai @
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    (CH.7) Waan Jai Yai Thaang Dao [Exact]

    credits to p'noiki @
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    Secret Wishlist: COMPLETED*

    Secret Wishlist credits to me. Castings Pinky S. | Noon W. | Pancake K. | Win T. | Tle T. | Vier S. Relationships Tle is Pinky's cousin. His dad is her mom's brother. Vier and Noon are twins. There were more opposite than any could ever be. Pancake is Pinky's neighbor and bestfriend since...
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    Ruj the Star 4*

    He has really amazed me, and he's so hawt too! Register here:
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    Thai ET Gossip
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    One Mistake: Aum&Oil

    That One Mistake “She made all the decisions. And now everyone’s after her for her one mistake.” CAST Seangnyeun Vichithrya Chiravat & Chiranut Viengkwang GENRE Romance | Drama | Revenge SUMMARY Seangnyeun was filthy rich - whatever she wanted, she got. Everything in the Vichithyra estate...
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    The Rules of Love

    The Rules of Love "she did a terrible thing. she double crossed him. and now he wants revenge. a rule of love for him is to never double cross him." Genre Drama | Romance Characters Aum Athichart as Kongdej Singhara Aff Taksaorn as Rattana Petchsee Pinky Savika as Tasnee Singhara Cee Siwat...
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    Forum Affiliates

    Yep, exactly what the topic says. If you want to see an example of what it looks like, feel free to visit: at the bottom of the page. Here is the code I got: <table align="center" border="0" width="92%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" class="tableborder"> <tr>...