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  1. teedee

    [Ch5] Koom Nang Kruan (Exact)

    Is a ghost story.what a surprise Pinky&Son. but they make a cute match. but not liking the ghost story plot though,but i'll watch it cos like Pinky. so glad she has continous lakorns and co-star with new actors.     cr: pinky savika ig fashion shoot fr Q magazine      
  2. teedee

    [Ch7] Tone (Nopporn Promotion)

    Read Tubtim's interview said will have a new lakorn "Tone" pair up with Aof Chanapol. filming toward the end of this month. a musical lakorn. Tone is a re-make, use to be a famous musical movie. probably air evening time. so glad will get to see her sing again. Tubtim and Aof work together many...
  3. teedee

    [Ch3] Phan Rai Phai Ruk (Master One)

    Glad Matt has more lakorns. but don't like Louis's acting. wish it was some other p'eks like Por T., Pope, Boy P. or Great. but oh well, i like Matt. will wait to see it. want to see her play drama again. hope this lakorn genre is drama. The storyline sound so interesting, drama but touching...
  4. teedee

    [Ch7] Plaeng Ruk (Mirabilis)

    So happy Alexandra and Weir will reunite again. Been waiting for this couple to pair up again. Wait so long that thought it will never happen. Love them in Plaeng Ruk Rim Fung Kong. :dance1: :clap: :clap2:
  5. teedee

    [Ch7] Suan Aharn Baun Jai (Showing)

    so happy Tubtim get to be n'ek again, cause was rooting which role she will get to play after playing bad in arsoon noi nai takiengkaew, so relief when know she get to be n'ek again. it's a comedy lakorn, air evening. don't know yet which company will make it. hope one day she will get to be...
  6. teedee


    Wanna share Tubtim Natthew fashion pics for Audrezy Magazine. they will launch the magazine on November 2011 issue because that month is the winter season why love couple gets married. the theme is Everlasting love. they will show behind the scene as a movie too. can't wait!!! so happy they did...
  7. teedee

    Nai Thum Ruat Truat Hua Jai (Dara Vdo)

    Tubtim just went for the fitting. so glad she get to be n'ek again. it's a comedy lakorn. probably air evening. wish p'ek was Natthew instead. *sigh* when will they get pair up again. wanna see so bad, the wait is killing me :arrg: :lmao:
  8. teedee

    Suebsuan PuanKumlung 3

    so happy there's part 2. they just had the opening. love Gigii and Dan since part 1 and Um is so halarious. the new cast looks interesting, i also like Jason, can't wait till it air. here is the clips, credit: KissKeepInTouch
  9. teedee

    New Boran after Bla Boo Thong

    the new boran after Bla Boo Thong is call "Tukata Thong" i found out by Ton Woranan because he said will be playing in here but don't know what role he will play yet. hope he's the pra'eak and hope Yam is also in here. hehe want a make-up for this couple. hope the storyline is interesting and...
  10. teedee

    [Ch7] Neur Manoot (DaraVdo)

    it's an action sci-fi lakorn. they will have the opening ceremony in Dec. 2010. and start filming Feb. 2010.
  11. teedee

    Thepsin Intarajak

    Hi does anyone have this boran in dvds? Thepsin Intarajak starring Yam & Boy leave your e-mail or sent me a message & i'll contact you back
  12. teedee

    Coke E-Lerng Hunsa (Showing)

    this la korn will film soon. Yam is pair up with Nam. Note is pair up with Tarn. don't know yet what characters each person will play, but so happy Yam is having more la korns. :D wow! so excited Yam's pair up with Nam. :yahoo:
  13. teedee

    Sai Seub Sieng Tong (Mirabilis Ch 7 )

    i just saw the opening ceremony on Dec.16. don't know which company make this la korn,Nam and Grace are the main pra'ek and nang'ek. i think Jib and Au are pair up,hopefully. i like them in "benja keeta kwarm ruk",they were so cute! sad though that Jib didn't get to play as the main nang'ek in...
  14. teedee

    Koh Ma Hut Sa Jun (Kantana ch7)

    i'm so happy and excited that Jib is having a new la korn and she play as nang aek.yay!! she has been gone from the screen for a long time. she's one of my favorite nang aek. i miss her a lot. it's a fantasy adventure la korn. pra aek is A Arucha, he has been playing in some la korns like...
  15. teedee

    Jaew Jai Rai Gub Khun Chai Taewada (Polyplus)

    Aum and Auon are pair up & Aou and Bee are pair up. a comedy la korn. from the title pra aeks are khun chai. and nang aeks are probably poor. but weird a bit that Auon use to play supporting in the la korn with Aum & Poh and now he's pra aek with Aum. and Aou use to play as pra aek with Aum but...
  16. teedee

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    i'm so happy Pinky is having more la korns. but i don't like pra aek. he's not good looking and he looks short but he's actually 178cm. he's 21 years old. he was the guy from la korn Nang tard that was the second couple. Tawan and Som are also in here they are probably the second couple. it's a...
  17. teedee

    Ngao Ah Soak (Exact)

    i read from pantip. exact will make la korn Ngao Ah Soak. i guess the same la korn that Ae isariya and Aekarat use to play because it's the same title. it use to be a famous la korn in ch7. Pong Nawat is the pra aek. Peung is nang aek. i don't know which Peung. probably a new nang aek. hope...
  18. teedee

    Help with Namfon Kolmontithi (Kwang's sister)

    Hi Does anyone remember Namfon Kolmontithi? Kwang's younger sister. she doesn't play la korns anymore. she got marry to some white dude,the last time i heard about her. i want to know her profile. like her birthdate,what la korns has she play. because i just finish watching her la korn with...
  19. teedee

    Aum and Pinky pictures

    Aum and Pinky new pictures, they went to do a cat walk together to promote watches brand chareiol. their interview is so cute. i was smiling while reading it. they make a cute couple. i'm happy they go to more events together. hope to see them work together again.
  20. teedee

    Dome and Ploy

    i just want to share. they look cute.