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    BtoB (Born TO Beat) Official Thread

    Company: Cube DC (Sub-label of Cube Entertainment) Debut: ’Insane’ & ’Imagine’ debut double track (2012) Official fanclub name: Melody Official site: Official YouTube channel: Official Facebook page...
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    [SBS] Rooftop Prince

    Details Title: 옥탑방 왕세자 / Oktabbang Wangseja Also known as: Attic Prince Genre: Fantasy, comedy, romance Episodes: 20 Broadcast network: SBS Broadcast period: 2012-Mar-21 to 2012-May-?? Air time: Wednesday & Thursday Night 21:55 Original Soundtrack: Rooftop Prince OST Cast Micky Yoochun as Yong...
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    Neng Yang, a Fresno Teacher

    OMG! did anyone heard of this news!!!! Omg my sister just told me this yesterday. it was scary and a disgrace. I just want to say it was a good thing this dude got in jail, hope he gets all the charges. The news was about a hmong teacher who teaches 2nd grade n a fresno school. During...
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    Palm reading

    Have anyone ever done palm reading before? :blink: Since the mole thread was pretty cool i thought i'll post up a thread about palm reading. First, i'll tell sum of the stuff my mom have told me. - she tole me that if u have a mole on ur (palm) hand then you'll be rich. - another is that if u...
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    POJ NTXOOG (Ghost) Found in Laos 2011

    my sister told me to watch this video about a laos shaman man txom tau poj ntxoog (capture a ghost) here is the clip at youtube, they say it is documentary... WARNING: DO NOT WATCH IF YOU ARE LIGHT HEARTED the clip shows some interview of people telling about how they capture the poj ntxoog...
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    Man arrested after beating Hmong man over dog

    Man arrested after beating Hmong man over dog Picture By Staff Reports Published: 3/11/2011 2:29 AM Last Modified: 3/11/2011 6:08 AM Man is arrested in beating of Hmong man over dog VINITA - A Vinita man was arrested Thursday on allegations that he severely beat another man who had run over...
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    [Mainland] Gong Palace (Hunan TV)

    I looked n there wasn't any thread on this so.. i thought i'd post it up. I LOVE this drama n thought it should b recommended. Palace / GONG (宫) (also known as Gong Suo Xin Yu 宮鎖心玉) GENRE:Period EPISODES: 35 BROADCAST NETWORK: HunanTV BROADCAST PERIOD: January 31, 2011 [FINISH AIRING...
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    Have you ever taken revenge on someone before!

    i dunno if there's already a thread for this but here goes nothing... okay this was a couple months back then - my little sister's friend tried to take revenge on this guy because he's been dating "their whole group of friends n dumping them" :gungirl: except for my sis n her friend. so she...
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    Is there any new movies/music videos out this year, that u guys bought and want to share! :D
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    ♥ mainhiathao's artworks ♥ 6/12/12

    Hey everyone and welcome to mainhiathao's artwork page. These are just some of my old/new and current artworks I've created. They're all just simple work; and btw I'm also just a beginner like some of you. ^_^ Hopefully one day I'll gain more skills and become experts like you guys. :D Hope you...
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    Wiew, View, Vill

    Share your artworks of wiew/view/vill here, even if she's with other peeps [like ff covers] feel free to post them here. --- here's my artworks of Wiew: i dunno but i like to spell her name this way O__O [Wiew] *artworks may be taken but plz. credit for me. thanks*
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    GET TO KNOW THE ------> 7 MEMBERS OF U-KISS Name: Alexander Lee Eusebio Birth Date: July 29, 1988 [Age: 21] Blood Type: O Height: 182cm [5'9" ~ 6'] Weight: 63kg [138 lbs] Family: Parents and 1 Older Sister Facts: He can speak 7 different languages [English Chinese Cantonese Mandarin Spanish...
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    Barry Nadech

    :wub: he's so cute :wub: ---- * credit:
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    UnAttractive Person [ Ep. 5 ]

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    Black & White Memories Ep 20 (End)

    . ..
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    Ntxawm Ev Tsov

    i was juss cruzing around youtube and found a new i'm juss wondering if u guys seen the trailer.....or the's a clip of it.... NTXAWM EV TSOV what do you guys think of it......
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    omg...this scares me a little...and i can't believe its true....but was it true that before lydia became a singer/star... and got popular she slept with guys to get money????? interview clip:
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    is ZINC having a new album out in 2009....i saw this in their myspace...
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    Wiew Wonarot

    do you guys have any fanfics of Wiew..i have one here's my story: UnTiL yOu... plz...share if you guys have any fanfics u like to share here...