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    Johnny and Jariya's Wedding

    I made this music video for my most favorite couple of all times. Enjoy Johnny and Jariya's Wedding Ceremony.
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    Shattered Victory: Pat and Por

    I've written several fanfictions dedicated to my all time favorite couple, Pat and Por. All my work are posted at Pat and Por's forum. I'll share my shortest story here. Enjoy. It's not yet completed.
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    Mayura Voice Production: Price and Details

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this thread, but I want to let you all know that this is the best place to get the cheapest lakorns dubbed by Mayura Video!! I'm going crazy putting my list together. LOL. So many lakorns to anticipate, especially the older collections like Rolok...
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    Mayura Voice Production

    I just spoke with the owner of Mayura Video. He is very down to earth and kind. I will be one of the supporters to help this company stand strong. I love their voices. All their lakorns are only $1 per episode. It's so cheap!! Most importantly, you are guaranteed to get original quality. If...
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    Pat and Por on Myspace!!
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    Pat and Por on Myspace!!
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    Happy 29th Birthday P'Por!!

    Por's birthday is on January 23rd. May all the greatest comes his way. I wish my sweetie happiness, prosperity and love.
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    All Updates on Pat

    The latest updates, pictures, and news on Pat are available at the following link: Pat and Por's Forum
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    All Updates on Por

    The latest updates, pictures, and news on Por are available at the following link: Pat and Por's Forum:
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    Pat and Por: HOTTEST COUPLE!!

    Credits to Tinah at Pat and Por's Forum. I can't wait to see all the photoshoots from this magazine. I hope someone will share the detailed picture. :drool:
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    Happy Halloween!!

    I hope all members will have a nice and safe Halloween. Enjoy all the candies, fun, and dress-up.
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    Ruk Auey: Tey Jai Ruk Cast

    These precious photos are credited to Everyon looks fabulous!! Pat and Por are just too adorable. I love them with all my heart.
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    Tey Jai Ruk Casts on Ruk Auey

    These beautiful photos are credited to the Power 3 Webboard and Everyone looks gorgeous, especially Pat and Por!! They have electrifying chemistry even in pictures.
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    Por's Lakorn #5

    These beautiful pictures are credited to the Power 3 Webboard. Everyone looks fabulous!! I'm so happy the lakorn will air today!! The entire Power 3 Cast: Por and Som: Pat and Go: Pat and Woot: Mann and Namfon: Por: Pat: Som: Go: Namfon: Mann: Woot: Nat: Pang:
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    Por's Gallery #67

    This lovely magazine photoshoot is credited to Por looks handsome as always!! However, this time I'm not a fan of his style. LOL.
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    Por's Gallery #66

    This attractive magazine photoshoot is credited to It's an older issue, but it's worth sharing. LOL. Por was nominated as one of Cleo's 50 Most Eligible Bachelors in 2004. He won too!! Congratulations to Por!!
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    Pat's Gallery #47

    Pat looks gorgeous in all her photoshoots. I adore her stunning smile. Credits to the Power 3 Club Webboard.
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    Pat's Gallery #46

    These adorable photos are credited to I'm so happy to see Por and Pat reaching out to the community in every way possible. Woot and Maprang were there too. They are just the greatest!!
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    Por's Gallery #65

    These awesome photos are credited to I love Por's style. He always look fabulous!!
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    Tey Jai Ruk Nuk Waang Paan

    These lovely magazine photos are credited to the Power 3 Webboard and Tinah.