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    dream interpretation

    Has añyone ever dream about numbers and it turn out to be right but you didn't buy the lottery number. Dream that someone got a ring or necklace meaning they're pregnant... Does anyone believe in their dreams? Or have it come true?
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    What classify someone as looking their race..

    Just curious... Do I look Laotian? Usually people tell me I look Philippians or Mexican.. so, yea.. Join and upload your pictures and let others judge. :P
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    Narmfon Album

    Sorry, If U can't see the picture you can go to my face book and check it out Look for marlee Sangasy>>>> Naka!!!!
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    I heard that there is a slight chance that Film can be gay? Is it true? I heard that he had this pimp and old man pimp who help him out when he wasn't the star yet. I heard again that film gave a say that he didn't know what or who that man is. Then i heard that the pimp got mad and bust out...