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  1. owwee_its_leelee

    what does he want from me?

    ok so i was dating this guy anh and we started off as friends we've been friends for a year and a half before we started dating... we started dating in sept of 08 and after the first week he was like oh i think we should just be friends and i was like what? and he said it's cause he wants to see...
  2. owwee_its_leelee

    just me

    got bored and made a lil singing video like muddie suggested... and i look horrible and sound horrible... but eh won't be up for long anyways just until muddie sees
  3. owwee_its_leelee

    are you a flirt?

    i was out having lunch with my cousins and a guy from school walked by so i smile him just cause we made eye contact and i sit like right next to him in class so i didn't wanna be rude and he said hi and introduce himself and i didn't wanna be rude so i talked back to him... and my cousins told...
  4. owwee_its_leelee

    car photos

    here's my baby.... so rawr...hehe.
  5. owwee_its_leelee

    oWwEe ItS MaLeE tReEhOuSe

    hey ppl welcome to my treehouse.... basically i'm just gonna be uploading random videos, movies, and music... so have fun looking around. JOJO - THE HIGH ROAD 01 - THIS TIME 02 - THE WAY YOU DO ME 03 - TOO LITTLE TOO LATE 04 - THE HIGH ROAD 05 - ANYTHING 06 - LIKE THAT 07 - GOOD OL 08 -...