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  1. ~Sandy~

    Oil Thana to have a US Tour in 2015

    Hello All.. Oil will be touring US sometime January 2015! I will post more info when I get dates, times, places, admission, etc. Please check back! I can't wait to see Oil again and hopefully he will be in the Dallas area!
  2. ~Sandy~

    LIFT & OIL Concert ~ Chicago Area

    Just got a message from my cousin, ay'Ket of T & L Music Productions... He is planning to have Lift & Oil in the "Chicagoland" area on either: Saturday, November 9th OR Saturday, December 6th Not exactly sure of the location, could be S. Elgin, Elgin, Chicago, or any surrounding cities...
  3. ~Sandy~

    Lakorn/Movie/Show Rentals

    Hey, all the rental stores in my town are literaly closed down (unless you would know of any place in or near Elgin, IL) and now my computer at home is messed up, haven't been able to watch lakorns on either. So I wanted to know if anyone know of a good online rental site (English)...
  4. ~Sandy~

    Lakorn Pictures

    So, the thai video/dvd store is closing, and yesterday i bought 4 lakorns so far, for only $10 each. I will be going back tonight also to see what's left. Too bad...he already sold all copies of Sawan Bieng, which i havent had the chance to watch yet. I almost cried at the store LOL Anyways...
  5. ~Sandy~

    Current food craze

    Mine would be, since last summer, it's the McDonald's Vanilla Ice Coffee...WITH 2 extra vanillas. To me, it's better and cheaper than Starbucks LOL it's my daily AM drink, and most the time during the winter.
  6. ~Sandy~

    Theme song of Pleang Paa Fah Lom Dao

    Is the female singer who sings the main song of Pleang Paa Fah Lom Dao the same person who sings Weaw Seang Sung theme/main song? If yes, who is she? And where can I find her CD? I probably would be able to find it at my local asian store, but i do not know her name. I would like a CD that...
  7. ~Sandy~

    Finally~JonBenet's Killer Arrested

    I remember 10 years ago, when a little girl of the name JonBenet Ramsey found dead in her home. If you are not familar with JonBenet's story, she was a pagent queen at age 5. At age 6, she was found in the basement of her Colorado home, strangled to death. Her parents was sure there was an...
  8. ~Sandy~

    Any New Boran Out?

    Just wondering if there's been any new borans out. I haven't rented any, but then i also haven't checked with the store. But they dont also display the borans on the shelves or books. So assume there hasn't been any. Let me know of titles and pics, thanks...