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    My singing covers

    If you guys have anything bad to say, please say it on here on the Forum please, not on the video. Anyways, comment! Thanks!
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    Waii(Kamikaze) Spicy

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    Grand the Star's New Single

    I've gotta say, this is one of my favorite songs now. It's so related to me...
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    Min Peechaya

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    Bie Sukrit

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    Bie Sukrit

    DAMN! SO SEXY! yum yum yum.....
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    Did you guys see this?;editorPicks I know many of you guys use Megaupload. Just telling you what happened.
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    Your Favorite Young Nag'ek Pa'ek from Channel 3

    These are just the main young Nag'eks we see a lot now. I just wanted to see who likes who the most. Please don't be offensive to anyone's or anybody's choice. We don't want any arguements.! For me, I think I choose Yaya as my favorite Girl. I like her because he acting is good. She is a very...
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    Until You

    --------------------------------------------------- Main Supporters [/size][/font] -------------------------------- Summary Athit and Nang Fah meets each other. They fell in love first sight. In Athit's past, he was always heart broken by every girl. This time when he met Nang Fah...
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    How to

    I was wondering, since most of Asianfusers are Asian, of course, I was wondering if you guys have any way of having clear Skin. Like, Thai secrets to clear skin. I have very bad sensitive skin with lots of scars. and I HATE IT! I was just wondering if you guys can help out. I used google, but...
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    Evening probaly knows about the flood in South Asia. Well me and my friend decided to do a fund raising. The thing is that, we need help on what to do. We want to do cookies, but some studens said it's too old school. So I decried to ask you guys for ideas! Please help, its for the need of...
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    I did not find the cover for this. I found this on her FanFacebook... Sorry. She's so cute!
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    Nrhoog and Waii

    Who agrees with me that they look alike! At first when I first watched the movie she did with Xab, I thought she was Waii!! But no, she is not... I think they both are absolutely BEAUTIFULL! P.S Sorry, I spelled Nrhoob name wrong on the forum!
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    Lost Feelings...

    I like this one dude, Vince... not so sure though... About Vince... When I see him I get all hyped up and happy that he was coming... When he comes close to my locker during passing period, I wanna say something, but I don't have the guts... But certain times, when he has his rude moments to...
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    Favorite Bie Nag'ek

    I was wondering which Nag'ek of Bie you guys LOVE! I Pick Vill because I liked their story. But she was a weakling I didn't pick Mew because she was kinda weak. I didn't Fang because she was annoying. I didn't pick Aff because she was not very good acting in the Lakorn. But otherwise, I love her.
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    Grand Pawanrot

    Credits to GrandFANCLUB & Pantip Beautiful as always:)
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    Your Favorite Thai Couple

    Mines is all in this video! COMMENT RATE SUBSCRIBE!
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    Look Like love!

    HAHAHA! Who wouldn't love him! This is just the Mp3 version so far! SUBSCRIBE to my Channel! My Channel:kiafanbie
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    รักนะคะ : บี้ The Star

    Ruk Nah ka Official Video. The video doesn't belong to me! Here is the link to this song,this really belongs to Thegurlo! as in Alina!
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    Love .v. Dance

    Two Professional dancers up for a challenge. She from out of country comes and meets him. He fell in love. A few days later they found out that they were child hood friends. they remebered they always danced around together. They both alway dreamed of becoming the #1 dancers in Thailand. But...