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    Looking for title or link to khmer version of this thai lakorn song

    Like the title says im looking for khmer version to the opening of this thai lakorn that was remade in 2015. The title to the lakorn is tawan burapa its khmer title is Komdav Nak Klang Lbech Chun Peal. The song title is taang krai taang mun.
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    what is the name of this lakorn?   i can't read thai lol so it would be a big help if you can actually give me the phonetics it would be very much appreciated, or at least the name of the actress and actors lol
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    Hi guys!!!! its been too long. how is everyone doing?
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    song in this lakorn?

    credit:   hi i need help finding the title to this song it appears on episode 1 around time stamp 10:40 im sorry i dont know the thai title of the lakorn
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    song from lakorn

    um yea i dont know the name of the lakorn but it stars mario does anyone know the song he is singing at the 1 minute mark
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    yes so im more of a network and hardware kind of guy but i really want to learn to do programms such as java script and html etc but im a beginner and i have no idea where to start so if anyone know any good book for beginners or website for beginners programming please help me by listing them...
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    help with writing my novel

    k basically i was challenge to write a love story i got most of the beginning to middle plots ready but im stuck on this one part that involves a stalker and since ive never been a stalker im not sure how one would act well that's a lie i do know what they would act like but its too vague to use...
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    omg weir is pissing me off

    lol sorry just a rant abotu how much weir character in his lakorn with aum p. is pissing me off forgot the name of the lakorn but its the one where weir plays a cop who keeps dying but coming back to life and aum is this girl who is in love with him but he is in love with someone else and then...
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    drivers test

    k my cousin is going to take his first drivers test next week and he is using his parents car, now the question he had ask me was does he have to put his name in their insurance policy before he can take test in the car? i don't know lol because i took it in a friends car and i didn't have to do...
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    the master of tai chi(1997)

    anyone know where i can watch this online with english sub or khmer dub or where i can get it online with either of those 2 condition? and i want the one starrign jacky wu jing not the 2008 one starring vincent
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    sarnworld chat hates me

    just venting my frustration at not being able to get into chatroom to talk to my favorite dj: dj ning! jsut so you know darv i leave it open for awhile and refresh it every now and then after awhile i will get this error message: IPS Driver Error: there appears to be an error with the database
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    i thought this video was pretty cool lol

    like title says watch this video and decide for yourself if it was good or not;l=100000248
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    here you go darv part of what i promised you

    k so if you've beeen in chat and met me you would know i am engage to be married next june 28, anyway i promise darvil or adminstrator that i would post pics of the weddign ceremony well the wedding hasn't happen yet so i cna't post pictures for him but what i can do right now is post pic of my...
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    hurricane ike

    yea so i notice there wasn't a post for this so i thought i might as well start one bc i know there are some of us sarnies from texas(tina, miz and others...) anyway im from houston texas to be specific im in harris county man i woke up at 1:30 am in the morning of saturday and the wind was...
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    sooo darv

    i hope that title caught ur attention lol anyway question snce chat hasn't been working long time now does that mean you won't be fixing it anymore?
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    banking issue

    k i have an account with wellsfargo bank and im pretty good with my account had it since i was 10 never overdraft or anything but like 4 days ago i had to pay for my classes using up most of my oney because i forgot to file for a federaol grant like i've done past 2 years and it was too late...
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    stupid ass cousin

    k like my title say my cuz is fuckign stupid k here is what heppen he gets caught speeding and since his sticker and insurance was expire and he had marijuana and some other stuff in his car he tries to outrun the cops so now bail is 10,000+ when it could have been 1000+ not only that my parents...
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    sw chat

    omg i see people in chatroom but i can't log in cause stupid thing say my username doesn't exist
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    igo or go to some

    k i lvoe this game im pretty bad at it well not totaly bad im seeign improvement in my game but basically my game is just a stone capturing game cause i don't really understand the concept of capturing territories if anyone know any godo books or sites that can teach me about playing to capture...
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    anyone getting the error username does not exist when tryign to log into chatroom?

    like the title says i keep getting error that says my username does not exist when i try to log into the chatroom anyone esle having same probs?