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    [Ch7] Ching Nang (Polyplus)

    Give her a chance maybe she'll do great :)
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    [Ch7] Lily See Kularb [Kantana]

    they are cuite cute cute ,. i like it cuz thiere cute scence alrdy,. :)
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    Darb 7 See Manee 7 Sang (Coming Soon)

    Urg wats up with two wifes lately. is boran alwaies liek this. ugh the main pa ack is such a baster. iono. i hate it.
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    [Ch7] Sunta Dara (Compordee)

    Ohhh i alwaies wanted these dara to be together.
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    Pbaa Nang Suer

    Yea, whiich i am a bit happy. I cnt wait. lol.
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    [Ch7] Doot Daw Din (Kantana)

    || aww i liek the story n the little boy sad :(
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    [Ch7] Horb Ruk Ma Hom Pah (DaraVDO)

    EWww the guy with kwan so ugly no offine. way not aof. :( but i liek the story line those
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    [Ch7] Bundai Dok Ruk (Dida)

    LOl. as much as i love om and min i rlly want sum sammie and om time. urg. lol. ohh i see a kiss?
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    Pbaa Nang Suer

    like 6ish to 7ish. humm jak got hit by a law or sumthing and she in a cave lying down but i duno if she alive or not. her sprint went to dao at first then wen tto that other girl
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    Pbaa Nang Suer

    i dont get why she change body i dnt get thai at all?
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    Pbaa Nang Suer

    nuthing much but the other girl got hit by a rocket or watever and her so call soul went inside yui. humm there only some sweet scence
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    Pbaa Nang Suer

    but i like the pairing i love kade n that girl they so kute ah. lol
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    [Ch7] Bundai Dok Ruk (Dida)

    Itsnto that i dont like om and min just that i want some scence with sammie and om :(
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    [Ch7] Bundai Dok Ruk (Dida)

    nuthing special yet. i rlly want to see it now :(
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    Pbaa Nang Suer

    I like it the actions ish a bit corny but i like the couple keke its ok.
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    [Ch7] Bundai Dok Ruk (Dida)

    i pretty much love this lakron the paring ish cute n i m excited to see wats next.
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    ~Dorky Artwork~

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    Our Destiny

    Chapter 3 " Who am I?" Se7en says. Chompoo look around " Humm Humm?" She look down and saw her mens magazines and saw the name Jan. She look up and said " Your.. Your.. names is Jan." She said stuttering. " Jan, Why doesnt it sound familer with me?" Se7en said cluelessly. " I don't know? You...
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    Ahh i didnt knoe they split up itsok i stil love Yunho nmax :)
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    Our Destiny

    Chapter Two Sev7en hit Chompoo car and roll back to the ground. Chompoo open the car door. first she saw somw blood flowing to her heels. She got scare. She slowly walk foward and slowly she saw Se7en body. Her hand started shaking. Herbody started shaking. The only moment she can do . She then...