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    Hmong Oldies Music

    so wat are some of your guys' favorite hmong oldies songs or singers?? i love Luj Yaj, Cha Mim Xyooj, Maiv Muas, and Ntxhoo Vaj (i think she's a vang) and some of Dawb Thoj's.. they're some of the best hmong singers alive..
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    The first Miss Hmong Water Festival

    ok so i heard that there was a miss water festival pageant this year in Fresno... what do you guys think? i think she's pretty... her and her sister were both in it together and eventually, they got first and second place... i don't have any pictures of the contestants, but there is youtube...
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    Paj Suab Lauj plastic surgery?

    anyone know anything about paj suab lauj's nose job??? what do you guys think? for me i think she looks better.. i think you guys can find her new and old look on youtube...
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    what do you hate most about youtube?

    so, what do you guys hate about you? have you guy ever had a dumb argument on youtube before? isn't it annoying?? gosh!