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    Sanae Ha Ngern tra(Step Onward)

    Thanks for the lovely portraits, Kristy and CherryApple. I'm loving this lakorn! It's simply addicting and intense. Por's aggressive role are always strikingly handsome. Pat's a fighter in here. I'm glad she's not the innocent victim. I just admire my most amazing couple! I hope...
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    Sanae Ha Ngern tra(Step Onward)

    I can't wait for Sanae Ha Ngern Tra to air! I'm a dedicated fan of my beloved Pat and Por. I can't get enough of their talents and beauty. Are there any updates?
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    Johnny and Jariya's Wedding

    I made this music video for my most favorite couple of all times. Enjoy Johnny and Jariya's Wedding Ceremony.
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    Ruk Ter Yod Ruk(Quiz & Quest)

    Ruk Ter Yod Ruk is my most anticipated lakorn. I'm so honored to see my number one couple reunite once again. I can't get enough of my precious Pat and Por!! Love them to bits. Wahhh....I get to pour my heart out once again when their lakorn airs. It's only a matter of a few months. Thanks...
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    ~~..::Pat Forum..::~~

    Our forum link changed so often. It's difficult to keep track. LOL. Here is our most updated link. Come and join our family of love where Pat and Por and their fans are treated like royalty. ;)
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    Shattered Victory: Pat and Por

    Awww...You ladies are so kind and sweet.
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    One Night Stand Only :: Ann/Ken

    WOW!! Here it is. I've searched so long for this one. LOL. It's definitely a beautiful story!! One that is memorable and breath-taking. Thanks Nikki.
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    Nikki, your creativity is an inspiration. I can't hardly wait to read this story. I'm already addicted. LOL. I love Pat and Por, Ken and Ann, Rome and Rita as well as Aum and Aff. They are my most favorable couples. It's so cool to see so many top actors and actresses in this one. Thank...
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    Rahut-rissaya, I finally found your lovely fanfiction. Nikki was telling me about this one. I'm enjoying the story very much. Love Pat and Por as well as Aum and Aff!! Keep up the great work. I'm already hooked. I'll come back to read some more. I gotta catch up on my sleep. LOL. Thanks...
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    Shattered Victory: Pat and Por

    Thanks everyone for taking your time to read this story. I appreciate the support.
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    Shattered Victory: Pat and Por

    Chapter 4: Por was one of the wealthiest bachelors in the world. He had the charms to attract any woman, the money to buy what he desires and a competitive business that brought in endless cash flow. Por was well known for his generosity to give to the poor and his dangerously handsome looks...
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    Shattered Victory: Pat and Por

    Chapter 3: Por immediately parked his car and rushed to greet her. “Pat, I’m glad to find you!� He said with enthusiasm while reaching to grab her arms. He wanted to help her up because she was laying uncomfortably halfway asleep on the bench. Pat was startled to see Por. “You...
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    Shattered Victory: Pat and Por

    Chapter 2: Pat bowed down to her step mom for the last time. “Thank you for everything you have given me. I’m sorry to be your burden for all these years. May the future be bright for you.� Pat said her goodbyes and walked out of the house with nothing more to look forward to. She...
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    Shattered Victory: Pat and Por

    Chapter 1: Pat Napapa woke up startled in an unfamiliar room. Most awkwardly, she was laying helpless next a stranger who was sound asleep. Her mind rushed a hundred miles per hour, trying to figure out how she ended in this terrible situation. “Was it simply a nightmare?� Pat asked...
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    Shattered Victory: Pat and Por

    I've written several fanfictions dedicated to my all time favorite couple, Pat and Por. All my work are posted at Pat and Por's forum. I'll share my shortest story here. Enjoy. It's not yet completed.
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    When Time Heals :: Ken/Ann :: Pat/Por

    I appreciate the dedication. Thanks Nikki!! What a special treat. Your fanfiction is the greatest!! I hope you will update soon. I love it!! Two of my favorite couples in one. Whoo Hoo!! Pat and Por as well as Ken and Ann are super HOT!!
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    King Kaew Kar Fark (Maker Group)

    King Kaew Kar Fark is my greatest obsession!! I love every bit of it. The entire cast is superb, especially Pat and Por. I can't believe it's ending this Wednesday. I haven't had enough excitement from my beloved Pat and Por yet. They crack me up throughout the entire lakorn. Love King...
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    Dubbing Company

    I agree with you Sajenna. I wouldn't substitute Mayura for any other company. I'll rather watch the Thai versions. LOL.
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    Subbed: King Kaew Kar Fak

    Thanks Bunniii!! You are our hero. You can start with episode 2 since we completed episode one already. It's time consuming to restart that again. Your kindness and efforts are greatly appreciated.
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    Subbed: King Kaew Kar Fak

    Please share it with us, Bunniii!! That would be amazing. Thanks!!