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    Kimberley from ch3 and her bf Jet has lower their status to be just friend

    Kim says its not because of third hands like Mark P. or anything but she says it time factors. I just hope we don't find out later that Mark and Kim have something to hide.
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    Son Yuke Son (IN Magazine vol.9 no.191 Feb 2013)

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    EXACT MAGAZINE vol.1 no.9 December 2012

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    sudsapda going on 30th Collection 2012

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    Thai actors & actress going to promote amazing thailand in China

    Thai actors & actress going to promote amazing thailand in China;
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    Son & Vill (health mag) promoting son ice cream shop "Ori"

    Pics of Vill helping Son to promote his shop;
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    QMAGAZINETHAILAND -The Scene Issue 13

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    Son and Vill adventures show

    ติดตาม ชมรายการวันไม่หยุด (สน-วิว) ออนแอร์วันที่ 5 และ 10 ธค. 55 เวลา 13.15-13.45 น.ช่อง 5 มาดูกันว่า พี่สน กับพี่วิว จะพาไปทำกิจกรรม Adventure อะไรบ้าง และจะสนุกขนาดไหนต้องติดตาม!! ให้ได้นะคับ P.S งานนี้พี่สนแอบกระซิบมาว่าสนุกและชอบมากกก!! อยากไปอีกก!! :) Credit : Tungting exact
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    Stars graduation

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    Mother and Child magazine

    sources from;
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    Min P. & Om Akapan

    the source from daradaily mag;
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    Weir breakup with Pancake

    Finally, someone is making sense, n telling wat we wanna hear… today, Weir announced the break up. He also stated that he is NO LONGER with the Jamikorns or am part with the Teddybear shop business... sources of Tv pool live, Dao kra jai and Kan pak as of the 20th Jan. 2011...
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    Jay Jetrin daughter from his previous gf - Gina Credit to Dirtii-laundry: She's got his eyes but mixed with her mother's look, she is 1 very stunning young girl, watch out for her, the...
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    Om Akapan, Min P. and Kao

    Om,Min P. and Kao;
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    A sweet face Thai/Esan country singer from Korat - who went to France with Ice Saranyu to promote her songs where there were alot of Laos and thai or Esan people were there. She was asked a question in Laos by a Laos Journalist such as "Is this your first time in France?" or in Laos the question...